Facebook Vs Outbrain: Which is cheaper for Indian marketers?

OutbrainSo, I had tried my hand on Facebook advertising extensively and I was intrigued to try what Outbrain (venturing into Indian market through Facebook boost post itselt) has to offer to me.

Without doubt, Facebook and Outbrain are two different advertising models. Facebook is more of advertising while Outbrain is more of content discovery. But in the advertising world, the objective remains same–reaching out to your potential customers.

Facebook has almost Indianized its whole operation by giving payment options in Indian rupee while Outbrain still charges in foreign currency. This is where a marketer would take a break and have to think.

I just tested Outbrain’s advertising platform and they put 3 cents as the minimum CPC and $10 as the minimum budget for a marketer a day. In comparison, Facebook allows you to chose a minimum budget of as low as 40 INR, which is roughly 66 cents and the CPC could actually come to 7 paise, which is 0.1 cent (Yes, you read it right).

I have tested many boost posts for my articles which have reached to that level of CPC.

My obvious question would be: Why should I advertise with Outbrain when Facebook gives me such a low CPC and tons of customization options when it comes to choosing my target audience. Outbrain only gives geo-targeting options.

Outbrain has to open up

In my opinion, Outbrain will have to change it tactics when it comes to getting Indian advertisers on-board. Social market spends are rising but nobody in India like rising costs.

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