Examples of some good and bad Facebook ads

So, I have been analyzing and strategizing a lot of Facebook advertisement options. In the recent past, my own forte has grown when it comes to market content based ideas to the Indian audience.

I collected some examples of Facebook ads done by various companies and shown on my own Facebook wall.

A simple analysis for social media marketers.


Just check the content of this ad. It’s a sidebar ad on Facebook and gives you all kind of relevant information regarding the product that they are trying to sell. Services offered with that product, payment options, and also the warranty period is mentioned.

I my opinion, this is a beautifully crafted Facebook ad for a product.

MagicCrate: This ad has lot of content, but the creative is hazy at the bottom. In today’s world, you can’t afford to have a hazy picture of your product at least when it comes to market it. Other elements of the ad are okay because information regarding usage and price is given.

Pepperfry: Once again, a good example of multiple product ad on Facebook. Content has promotional as well as informational value. Good creatives too.

Outbrain: Outbrain is more of a B2B product. Though the creative is okay, copy is not very great and the targeting of the ad is also not proper. I am not a marketer. In my opinion, it’s an average ad.


Paytm is a mobile recharging platform and has recently ventured into ecommerce. The ad does not excite me to look into what’s the offer. More creative ways to make the user click on the ad can be used.

As I mentioned earlier, Indian market is volatile when it comes to people buying after clicking on an FB ad. For traffic generation, you can experiment and some times even go without a strategy, but for products and lead generation, you have to strategize and target very tactfully.

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