Sanskrit Declension of masculine noun Shishya meaning a disciple

Continuing with our effort of providing Sanskrit declension of nouns, here is the next one.
The word is Shishya, which means a disciple and ends with अ.

It’s a masculine noun and will follow the procedure of similar nouns given earlier.

I (Subject)शिष्यः (Śiṣyaḥ)शिष्यौ (Śiṣyau)शिष्याः (Śiṣyāḥ)
II (To, Object)शिष्यम् (Śiṣyam)शिष्यौ (Śiṣyau)शिष्यान् (Śiṣyān)
III (With, By)शिष्येण (Śiṣyeṇa)शिष्याभ्याम् (Śiṣyābhyām)शिष्यैः (Śiṣyaiḥ)
IV (For)शिष्याय (Śiṣyāya)शिष्याभ्याम् (Śiṣyābhyām)शिष्येभ्यः (Śiṣyebhyaḥ)
V (From, Than)शिष्यात् (Śiṣyāt)शिष्याभ्याम् (Śiṣyābhyām)शिष्येभ्यः (Śiṣyebhyaḥ)
VI (Of)शिष्यस्य (Śiṣyasya)शिष्ययोः (Śiṣyayoḥ)शिष्यानाम् (Śiṣyānām)
VII (In, On)शिष्ये (Śiṣye)शिष्ययोः (Śiṣyayoḥ)शिष्येषु (Śiṣyeṣu)
Vocativeहे शिष्य (He Śiṣya)हे शिष्यौ (He Śiṣyau)हे शिष्याः (He Śiṣyāḥ)

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