How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home or Freelancing

Working from home has never been more popular–being a freelancer and being able to work on your own terms and freedom has never been cherished more as it is done in today’s world. Millennials just love it–guess what, even companies have their HR policies oriented towards the flexibility and options to let their full-time employees work from home. Well, it saves them a lot of costs. (!)

Apart from the ability to choose the working hours, the pyjamas, computer system, the internet connection, the mobile phone, the sunshine or even the choice to bathe or not bathe, freelancing offers almost everything.

How to work from home

But, there’s always a catch when it comes to working from home for a longer period of time:

You get bored and do not feel motivated to keep working.


Well, it does not simply feel office-like. It is too homely and has a psychological effect on you and you feel like sitting casually and not motivated to work.

But you want to kill this boredom, right? You do not want to do away with the luxury of a being a freelancer but still, want to stay motivated–don’t worry because there are ways to do it.

Gaurav, a freelance web-developer, works for 5 weekdays and take a complete off on the weekends. He goes out with his wife and daughter and likes to spend more time with his family and friends. The other 5 days, he works his ass off and does not care what happens in the world (though he does care!). But for a daily dose, he likes to smash some shuttlecocks with some friends of his colony, which refreshes both his body and mind.

Kat, rather new to the world of freelancing, likes to let loose and do some dance movements every hour, and is able to work for 10 hours a day–yes, she is new and will eventually like to work less but that’s a good way to start, no?

Me, well, I call myself a veteran of freelancing–I do a lot of things to kill the boredom. I listen to new music, watch movies, travel, and even make crafty things with my daughter, apart from writing short stories and poems for her. Due to the longevity of freelancing career that I have had, I feel the need of motivation and inspiration more and more, and I feel for me, it lies in trying new things–visiting new places, meeting new people and doing things that I haven’t done till now.

The mantra, I would say, lies in not letting your hobbies and interests die at any cost. In fact, increase them if you can and manage the time to pursue those interests–I bet you will never envy an officegoer who is stuck in traffic for more hours than actually working in the office.

Share your thoughts about killing the boredom and how to stay motivated while working from home.

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