Time Saving Apps

Best 5 Time Tracking Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

Ever wonder where exactly the time goes? One minute you’re just logging onto Facebook to check your messages, and the next it’s been three hours and you’ve got nothing done, right? It happens to all of us, but luckily there are apps out there to help us record and manage our time – even if […]

How to design anything

How to design anything when starting a new blog or website

If you’re starting up a blog or a website, one of your major worries is probably graphics and, strongly connected to that, branding. You want to make your site stand out, and you don’t want to make your graphics look amateurish or forgettable. That’s a pretty tall order… right? The reality is, there are a […]

Content writers

5 must have skills for an online content writer

This can serve both the budding writers and startups/companies who are looking to hire writers/editors/content team. Being a content guy for the last 11 years, I feel I am competent enough to give some tips! 🙂 Impeccable language Okay I might have exaggerated the need but it can’t be overlooked. Especially when it comes to […]


Examples of some good and bad Facebook ads

So, I have been analyzing and strategizing a lot of Facebook advertisement options. In the recent past, my own forte has grown when it comes to market content based ideas to the Indian audience. I collected some examples of Facebook ads done by various companies and shown on my own Facebook wall. A simple analysis […]

Facebook Boost Post

Facebook boost posts for Indian businesses

I have had a considerable experience in strategizing for Facebook when it came to digital marketing for a product that I was working with. To give you an insight of my experience, I had a budget of around 10mn (1 Crore) Indian rupee to spend on Facebook to achieve my targets in terms of engagement […]

Certification for entrepreneurs–ISO certification

While much fanfare is made about ISO certification, it is certainly a coveted achievement for businesses in the line of furthering their goals and aspirations. Let us first understand what this certification is all about. This certification is administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), who is the largest developer and publisher of international […]

Understanding Certification – Food Safety certification

If you are into food products manufacturing in India, your business can be immensely benefited by getting food safety certification. Food Safety certification applies to packaged food products and is administered by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) instituted under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The organization lays down scientific […]

Understanding Certification — ISI certification

Awarded by the Bureau of Indian Standards, ISI is a product certification scheme that attests the quality, safety and reliability of a product for the target customers. ISI certification on a product assures the conformity of the concerned product with the specifications. ISI certification is granted by a third party organization through a process of […]

Understanding the concept of Digital signature certificate (DSC)

Digital signature certificate is meant to electronically authenticate your identity. It offers high level of security during online transactions by safeguarding the privacy of the information you exchange. Digital signature certificates can be used to encrypt information meant exclusively for the intended recipient. Digital signatures can let the recipient know that the document is not […]

Business Formation in India

Starting a business is a highly tricky process involving a number of crucial decisions that will decide the course your business is likely to take. For instance, you will need to decide the kind of organization you will set up, registering your firm and getting approvals, and streamlining the business processes after registration. Planning and […]

Musical startups: Can you think of something?

In the past few days, I have been talking to some musicians. I consider it as a huge privilege to be among some of the finest musicians you will ever no. However, there are many things that I feel they need to do in order to promote their music. It’s like they don’t have an […]

Business potential of new media for individuals and brands

Traditional media was considered as the fourth estate. Any print piece that got readership could earn money from brands as well as from individuals who wanted to advertise. The scene has changed quite a bit. With the advent of social media, the pages and brands can target the audience directly instead of paying money to […]

Business ideas around Yoga and healing

Recently, I have come across various individuals, consultants and small scale entrepreneurs who have very holistic ideas as their ventures. These ideas usually revolve around the concept of healing, meditation, yoga, and music, etc. Across the world, people look and seek the help of consultants and experts who can provide guidance in any of these: […]

Recent experience with customer care of 5 companies

Recently, I got different tastes of customer care, social media interaction and the reviews posted on the websites for different companies dealing with various products and services. All of them gave me different experiences and so I decided to compile them. I hope entrepreneurs and business owners will be able to learn something from these. […]

IPL 7 and business ideas around this event

As you might be aware, the player’s auction has been already held for the 7th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) for the season of 2014. There are great chances that the event will be held outside India to avoid dates clash with the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. We will talk about some business ideas […]

How to make a cheap iPhone at home: avoid huge costs

So, you have been thinking of trying your fingers on the soft touch of an iPhone? What kept you from doing so–price? Yes, most of the users, who are still not able to grab an iPhone, complain about the costs that are mounting with every new release of this super gadget due to increased features […]

Where is that cake?

We recently visited a fast food joint. They have a large poster which declares “3 minutes, or you get a cake free.” Means, anything you order there is delivered in 3 minutes. If it is not, you will get a free cake. This is a classic SLA (Service Level Agreement) promise. It is there for […]

Drama as a sales tool

While casually browsing my daughter’s comics’ collection, I came across a very interesting story. It’s a busy office. A well dressed man enters the manager room asking, ‘Sir, do you need a manager?’ ‘Of course not, I am THE manager here!’ He says in a surprised voice. ‘What about an assistant manager?’ ‘I have enough […]

Google India's Fraudulent Adwords Campaign

This article talks about a recent personal experience where Google repeatedly laundered money from me and their customer support sucked. I am a huge Google fan and have been using their products for the last 10 years and I will forgive them for these incidents. However, my main intention is to tell the world how […]

7As of Enriched Customer Data

Your best friend has an important party next week. He asks you to pick the right dress for the occasion. You agree and do it happily. Next day, a stranger walks into your office and says, ‘I too have a party to attend. Please help me buy the right dress.’ ‘I can’t!’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I […]

One Slice Marketing

Our neighborhood photo studio seems to be crowded always. Even in this age of digital photography. I went there for some lamination work; while I was waiting, two young people walked in. One of them wanted a passport size photo for some job application. ‘Sure sir’, the studio staff showed a sheet on the wall, […]

Mayur Dhaba is costlier than McDonalds

It was after almost 2 years that I got the chance to have a pit-stop at the famous Mayur Dhaba. This food joint is situated on the outskirts of Karnal on the National Highway I towards Kurukshetra. This Dhaba often gives me strange things to observe in terms of business operations. One of them, I […]

What to do to survive in the music industry

You have to throw out any thoughts of becoming an overnight success, because that is not going to happen. Create goals, plans of what you want to accomplish with your music. Ask yourself if you are tough enough to handle the criticism, stalkers, sharks and hacks. With anything you do in life, there will always be […]

Career tips from successful women

Your job is not over just by landing on the first employment opportunity that you find. You must ensure that your career value does not depreciate. There are a number of preventive measures you need to take in this regard. Every professional must know this. Not less than a quarter of what you do at […]