5 Tips to Boost Instagram Followers for Free in 2021

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram owns millions of active users at the present time. Tons of pictures and videos are generated every single day. As might be expected, Instagram has become a major marketing method for either individuals or brands. The larger your audience base boosts, the more opportunities you have to create special experiences for them.

So wanna get more fans, I mean free Instagram followers ? Wanna achieve this goal in the most effective way but with minimal effort? Well, you’ve come to the right place and we’ll introduce 5 useful tips for you.

Tip 1: Take advantage of appropriate hashtags

As we all know, people search hashtags to find the contents which they’re interested in. Therefore you can associate some trending hashtags to your posts, making other Instagram visitors see your photos and contents. It is the most simple way to increase your Instagram exposure. If your contents exactly suit their appetite, congratulations, you may get some new fans.

But at the same time, here are some kind tips for you while using hashtags: (1)It must be relevant and try to make it simple; (2)Use specific and unique hashtags instead of vague words; (3)Remember to keep up with the latest trends; (4)You can also create your own brand engagement; (5) Don’t add too many hashtags. Based on some authoritative data, a post with about 11 hashtags is the most appropriate.

Tip 2: Try to create high-quality posts

A large number of new posts are generated on Instagram every day. Just imagine that how it could attract others’ attention if your posts are illogical, meaningless or boring. Only the posts of high quality will catch your eyes, turn strangers into followers, and further build brand awareness. Needless to say, interesting and beautiful posts can always get more attention, as Instagram, to some extent, is a visual platform. It’s recommended to choose clear, exquisite and refined pictures. Of course you can make use of some handy photo editing apps like Snapseed, VSCO, Adobe Photoshop Express, Foodie, Prisma Photo Editor, LiveCollage, etc.

Tip 3: Interact with your followers and other popular posts

Well do you ever wonder how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? I guess you will not disapprove this point that if you don’t interact with your followers and make them feel engaged or inspired, they’ll just go away little by little. Comments, likes, shares and other actions are needed to keep your fans resonated. And what’s more, engagement only values when it is regarding to real and active people who truly care.

On the other hand, try to be the first one to share your opinion on a post of a top Instagram account. It is a good way to help reach more local audiences. Moreover, try to make your comments interesting and natural, thus attacking new fans and having a chance to be suggested to people who might be interested in you. That is also a terrific way to show users that you’re open, friendly and welcoming.

Tip 4: Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Another vital aspect is to try to make your personal profile perfect. It should be decorated with a proper username, a decent profile image and a clear bio, which will leave others a nice first impression.

As for the bio link, you can add marketing or product pages related to some specific keywords, hashtags or campaigns on your Instagram account. Besides, don’t use odd symbols or username long with too many characters, otherwise it will be not so easy to recognize. It’s best to make it as search-friendly as possible. 

Tip 5: Remain you own unique style

As far as we can see, no matter you share a slice of your daily life such as funny anecdotes of your one day, a piece of works you admire, or to promote your brand or business, a unique visual style as well as consistent theme are more likely to stand out. Unlike a stereotyped branding play, people always expect more of the same content type every day. At the present information era, you have to make an endeavor to create and keep your own style if you want to be innovative.


Well, as we all know, more and more people prefer Instagram as their social platform. Instagram has become a very important online marketing tool to obtain popularity and promote brands. I know everyone must have his own way to increase the follower number. We sincerely hope these effective tips in this article will help you get more Instagram followers for free and more easily, especially this Instagram auto liker without login tool. Wish it will work and looking forward to your good news!

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