Facebook boost posts for Indian businesses

I have had a considerable experience in strategizing for Facebook when it came to digital marketing for a product that I was working with.

To give you an insight of my experience, I had a budget of around 10mn (1 Crore) Indian rupee to spend on Facebook to achieve my targets in terms of engagement gauged through the metrics of visitors, likes, comments, shares, hide posts and reporting etc.

I learnt a lot during that stint and I feel it would be worth sharing my experience with startups and upcoming digital media managers who have to explore various avenues on Facebook itself in terms of driving engagement and conversion.

Facebook Boost Post

My area of expertise

As we were a content heavy website, our main goal was to fetch traffic from Facebook. So, my experience and strategy was majorly focused on boost post.

We did try various filters that Facebook boost post facility allows you to put, but my finding says that if you are not very specific (I mean it), you should not use any filter. The more filters you have, the reach would be less.

Most crucial things of while boosting a post

Boost post’s success comes from maximum traction in terms of likes, shares, comments, and link clicks, etc. and also on the CTR and CPC. To get the optimal value of all these, there are two things that you need to take care:

  1. The creative of your boost post
  2. The title of your post

Both of these should be exciting, intriguing and should make the Facebook user stop and take time to read it. This is where you content person would come handy–knowing the audience and what they will be looking to read is very crucial.

While boosting the post, you may use different completely different creatives from the ones that you have actually post in the post, and of course the title of the post could also be customized.

Of course, Facebook is a tricky tool to get traffic but if proper strategy and understanding is applied, it can fetch you more traffic with lesser budget than Google Adwords can ever think of.

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