A Simple Guide To Starting Your Travel Blog

If you’re a passionate traveler, who loves exploring exciting destinations and taking incredible photos, then why not share your passion with the world? Starting a travel blog is not hard, and it won’t take a lot of time. The best and most user-friendly platform for starting your blog is WordPress. It’s free and offers many great features that will help you on your journey of becoming a travel blogger, whether for only fun or a full-time career.

Once your blog takes off, you’ll need to improve security and speed, meaning you might need to convert WordPress to HTML. Click here to learn more about why it’s necessary to convert your WordPress site into a static one and the simplest way to do it.

How to Start Your Travel Blog?

If you invest only one hour per day in your travel blog, you can transform your passion into a serious business venture, and what’s better than making money doing something you love? You’ll need a computer, a reliable Internet connection, and the desire to share your traveling adventures with the audience. 

If you’re unsure where to start, follow our instructions, and everything will be much easier. 

Come Up With a Catchy Blog Name

Picking out a name for your blog might be the trickiest part because it’s something that will be stuck forever. It’s like picking your online identity, so make sure you leave a mark. Choose a blog name that’s memorable and not limiting, something that people will recognize. 

Here are a couple of tips that might help you with the name dilemma:

  • Choose a Creative Name: Always think outside the box, and don’t even think about using cliche names that everyone is using. Please talk with your friends and family, and allow them to share their ideas with you that might inspire you. 
  • Pick an Easy To Remember Name: Do not choose a long name that’s difficult to remember and even more difficult to spell. The best blog name contains less than five words, so always have this in your mind.
  • Don’t Imitate Other Blogger’s Names: Using similar names to other travel bloggers is not a good idea and will prevent you from building your online identity. Be creative and let your personality show through. 

Establish Your Audience

No matter if you’re starting your blog for fun or business purposes, you need to have a plan before doing anything. The first thing to determine is what you’ll be writing about. Your blog isn’t supposed to be only about traveling; it needs to be something deeper. The best travel blogs perfectly combine destination content, quality travel guides, breathtaking photos, and travel tips. 

Next, you need to determine what your target audience will be. Once you choose that, share your content to match your audience’s interests and keep them entertained. 

When starting and running a blog, the most important thing is to always have your readers at the back of your mind. Yes, it would be best if you wrote about your passions, but don’t forget to write about your audience. 

Choose a Hosting and Set Up a Domain Name

You can’t have a blog without a domain and a reliable web host. The domain is the URL of your website, and you need to have it before you get your blog running. It would be best if you also had a web host that guarantees excellent speed and security to run a successful blog. Some web hosting plans include free domain registration, so you won’t need to spend extra money on the domain name. 

Do proper research and see what web hosting company best suits your needs before purchasing any plans. 

Customize Your Travel Blog to Perfection

WordPress offers countless themes and customization options, making it the ultimate platform for bloggers. You can customize almost everything, so you’ll be allowed to express your creativity to the maximum while creating your travel blog. 

The platform also offers thousands of free and paid plugins that will enable you to add special features to your blog. The plugins can be easily downloaded through the WordPress dashboard, meaning you can use them in a matter of seconds. 

Create a Logo For Your Blog

If you want to stand out from the travel blog crowd, then you must have a logo. Creating a memorable logo is something people will recognize you by, so make sure it demonstrates your brand in the best way possible. Your logo should be unique, visually appealing, and aligned with your brand’s identity. 

Don’t forget that first impression counts, so make sure your logo will separate you from the competition. 

Don’t Forget The “About” Page

The About page is one of the most important things that will bring you, readers. This is where you’ll be able to share your story with your audience, why you started your blog, and what this blog means to you. Take your time to create the perfect About page and make it personal and interesting. 


If you love sharing your traveling adventures with the world, you’ll be an excellent travel blogger. Although the competition can be tough, if you’re passionate and dedicated, you’ll soon be running a successful traveling blog that attracts readers worldwide. 

Whether starting your blogging journey for fun or business, always let your personality shine through and build a unique brand that visitors recognize among the crowd.

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