Who Is The Best Captain In IPL

Who Is The Most Dangerous Captain In IPL?

Although all of the glitter associated with the world’s top Twenty20 game, the Premier League has featured some of the country’s greatest captains. Franchise owners understand the importance of having leaders who can effectively guide their staff through a hard month of traveling throughout India.

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5. TOP 5 Of The Most Successful Captains In IPL Adam Gilchrist

In addition to his outstanding hitting at the leadoff spot, Michael Gilchrist established himself as one of the best leaders in IPL history.

Gilchrist, who won the tournament as Leader of Deccan Charger in 2010, demonstrated that he could lead a team even with the extra demands of keeping wickets.

Teams: Deccan Chargers, Kings XI Punjab

Matches as captain 74 (39 losses, 35 wins, 47.29 win percentage)

IPL Matches: 80

Years: 2008-2013

Stats: 1687 runs, 25.95 average, 121.19 strike rate, 94 highest score

4. One Of The Most Successful Captains, Gautam Gambhir

Despite a shaky international career, Gautam Gambhir enters at No. 5 and has been an enormous success there in IPL since its debut in 2008 among Kolkata cricket players.

Gambhir, one of the competition’s greatest run scorers, has also guided both teams that have batted for, including the Knight Rider, to the 2012 victory.

Team: Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata Knight Riders are the teams involved.

 IPL matches 88

Years: 2008-2013

Matches as captain: 63  (28 losses,35 wins,55.55 win percentage)

Stats: 2471 runs, a 31.67 average, a 127.04 strike rate, and a top score of 93.

3. The Owner Of the Highest Winning Percentage In IPL, Sachin Tendulkar

This is merely an example; you must compose your text. Above Gambhir is Sachin Tendulkar, the victorious captain of his hometown Mumbai Indians IPL team. Their high point occurred in 2010 when the Indians made the final of the championship, and the fact that Tendulkar led the team, batted and had to deal with the Indian public’s expectations places him high on this list.

Team: Mumbai Indians

IPL matches: 78

Years: 2008-2013

Matches as Leader: 78( 21 losses, 30 wins, 58.82 win percentage)

Statistics: 2334 runs, 34.83 estimates, 119.81 strike rate, and a top score of 100*.”

2. The Second IPL Most Successful Captain Shane Warne

Proving himself to be the finest captain Australia has ever had, Brendon Warne demonstrated his exceptional leadership qualities with the Indian Premier League (IPL and served as the franchise’s heartbeat for four seasons.

He guided the Royals to their first-ever IPL victory in 2008 and led them for the remainder of his tenure in the league until his departure in 2011.

Team: Rajasthan Royals

IPL matches: 55

Years: 2008-2011

matches as Leader  55 (24 losses, 30 wins, 55.45 win percentage, 1 tie, )

57 wickets, an average of 25.38.

1.   Most Winning Captain In IPL Mahendra Singh Dhoni

At the top of this ranking is Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the most successful skipper in IPL history regarding victory %. The Chennai Super Kings’ Leader guided them to two IPL victories in 2010 and 2011 and the 2011 League Cup Twenty20.

While doing so, he maintained a good performance with bats and was one of few performers kept by the Super Kings ahead of a 2014 IPL player auction.”

Teams: Chennai Super Kings

IPL Matches: 96

Years: 2008-2013

Matches as Captain: 96 (58 wins, 37 losses, 1 NR, 61.05 win percentage)

Stats: 2243 runs, 38.01 average, 141.15 strike rate, 70* highest score”

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