English Punjabi Names of Kitchen Utensils

It is very interesting to know the English to Punjabi names of kitchen utensils. Though, a lot of people just tend to use English names because in the market when people buy or sell these items, they hardly use any words from the regional languages. If you talk about the children, they also tend to use English names because, in schools, those names are used frequently.

However, if you go to the hinterlands or the countryside, you will notice that some items are still called by their regional or local names.

So, we have tried to compile a list of English to Hindi names of a few kitchen utensils. Do share any other names that you name through the comment section.

English to Punjabi Names of Kitchen Utensils

English Names of Kitchen UtensilsPunjabi Names of Kitchen Utensils
Graterਕੱਦੂ ਕਸ
Tea Stainerਛਲਨੀ

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