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Stretching vertically across the equator, Vietnam is located in both Northern and Southern hemispheres, influenced by the Southwest and Northeast monsoons. This causes the weather to vary from region to region – so as long as you find the right area to go to, basically any time is the best time to visit Vietnam.

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While Vietnam’s climate is generally pleasant, it is still different in three regions: the North with a humid subtropical climate, the Central with a tropical monsoon climate and the South with tropical savanna characteristics. The division of seasons in the northern half is more pronounced than in the southern half, and the north has colder winters while the south generally has more rain. 

1 – Best time to visit Vietnam: Northern region

Influenced by humid subtropical climate and humid monsoon from the mainland, in general, Northern Vietnam’s weather is divided into 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. But spring and autumn – the two transition seasons – are shorter because the North is not completely in the temperate zone. From about May to August is summer, often very hot and humid, causing fatigue and discomfort, while the dry and cold winter usually takes place from November to February next year. At this time, temperatures drop, sometimes falling below 7°C in the plains and below 0°C in the mountains, with frost and snowfall.

Rice terraces in Sapa town – Source: VnExpress

So the best times to go to Vietnam if you want to visit the North are in spring or autumn, March – April or September – November respectively, when the weather is sunny, neither too hot nor too cold. You should enjoy delicious specialties such as com (green sticky rice), moon cakes, persimmons, … in the fall in Hanoi, while visiting the sea like Ha Long Bay is also a good option. If you love trekking and exploring, it will be exciting to visit the northern mountainous regions like Sapa, Hoang Lien Son and enjoy unique dishes including Thang Co.

2 – Best time to visit Vietnam: Southern region 

Southern Vietnam – land of sunshine and wind has many long sunny days, high humidity, high and not too fluctuating temperature all year round, due to the tropical monsoon climate and proximity to the equator. There are 2 main seasons: the rainy season (May – November) and the dry season (December – April next year), towards the end of which the weather becomes more intense, very hot and dry. 

Ảnh 3: Mekong Delta – Source: Ren Pisal

However, the dry season is still one of the best times of year to visit Vietnam because this is the season of ripe fruit trees, with fresh green rice fields stretching to the horizon of clear blue skies. Visiting South Vietnam at this time, you should not miss swimming in Phu Quoc, cruising on the Mekong River or immersing yourself in the natural space of Tram Chim National Park… 

The rainy season is not really the best time to travel to Vietnam’s Southern region. You will easily encounter sudden downpours in the rainy season, especially around July and August – flood season of the Mekong Delta. But if you don’t mind getting a little wet, traveling at this time is usually cheaper, there are also many species of fish, animals and plants that are only available this season so you can enjoy many unique specialties, etc.

3 – Best time to visit Vietnam: Central Coast of Vietnam

Located in the middle, the Central region carries characteristics of climate of both other regions in Vietnam, with the tropical climate of the South dominating. That’s why the rainy season (October – December) and dry season (January – August) are more obvious, and easier to find out when is the best period to visit Vietnam’ Central Coast. However, as the region is long but narrow and borders the sea, its weather is harsher than the North and South, with August to December is often the typhoon season, when you should avoid traveling for safety reasons. 

Hoi An Vietnam – Source: Chinh Le Duc

Meanwhile in the dry season, the temperature will gradually warm with more sunshine, temperature ranges from 28 to 32°C so traveling to the Central of Vietnam between February – August will be extremely pleasant. You will be able to swim, sunbathe, walk around and admire the beautiful seas of this country’s famous coastal cities such as Nha Trang, Da Nang and Phan Thiet. Visiting Hoi An, Hue, sightseeing in Da Lat, or having fun at Ba Na Hills tourist area are also interesting options that you can consider to include in your travel plans.


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Because the weather, landscapes and cuisine vary from region to region, Vietnam is a year-round tourist destination. Choosing when is the best time to visit Vietnam is essential, but just by choosing the right area, you can have a comfortable and satisfying trip.

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