How to Use Hand-tied Extensions?

Hair is that part of a female body that can make or break their overall look. A woman can carry her locks in different styles, whether straight, curly, or wavy, and different lengths, whether short, long, or mid-length, to change her entire look.

Today, women have various options to bring change in their appearance. It could be via natural and artificial means. One of the most known ways to add versatility to hair has been using extensions.

Extensions are available in various installation techniques – clip-ins, tape-ins, and sew-ins. But the most popular are the hand-tied extensions accepted by stylists, as they are easy to install and keep the hair healthy by avoiding pulls and breakage.

Please continue reading this blog to learn the basics of installing these products.

Before visiting a salon to install these products, it is essential to know that the process might take five hours to complete, depending on the look a woman desires. You can also do this in your home to cut salon expenses.

Procedure for Installing:

  1. Pick a weft that closely matches the natural hair texture.
  2. Avoid cutting the weft; otherwise, it may untangle and become worthless.
  3. Follow the Beaded Row technique by laying 1-3 rows of silicone rings.
  4. Distribute the rings around 1-inch apart on the temple in an arch form.
  5. Connect the weft on both sides of the crown, finishing at the collar.
  6. Employ a blanket stitch to fasten the strings together.
  7. After the initial row, do a second one at least 1-1/2 inches away from the first one.

NOTE: A user may alter the size of the weft by tucking or overlaying it with other wefts, depending on their strand type. Wefts can be the most convenient and least dangerous extensions if properly applied.

A woman can try these items in different colors, lengths, and styles at the drop of a bundle as they add wholeness by seamlessly blending with the real texture. Hand-tied wefts need no tape, adhesive, or warmth, unlike other types. They are easy to blend with the actual haircut texture as they are already cut and tied to form the shortest weft size. But users also can buy a customizable weft design they can trim according to their preferences from a reliable provider.

Hand-tied extensions are accessible in various hues and lengths, including lightest blonde, light brown, rodeo drive blonde, pale ash, natural blonde, sunset blonde, Beverly hills brunette, starlet brunette, browns, bombshell brunette, dark brown, black-brown, pure black.

It is important to remember that the extensions will easily last for approximately 6-8 months. But the user might have to visit the parlor after every two months to get them moved up a little, depending on their hair growth. Since extensions are hand stitched, they offer the lightest trail for the most real-looking application.

Parting Thoughts

Installing extensions is the best approach to boosting courage in a woman’s personality by transforming the amount and length of the hair. Although there are multiple approaches to installing them, hand-tied ones have taken the salon world by storm as they provide the most real-looking and least damaging installation techniques.

Having more hair implies having enough options to experiment with diverse fashions. There’s no limitation to what a woman can do with her hair after getting extensions because they closely imitate natural hair. Whether in a ponytail, sleek bun, or braid – a woman can carry any style without fearing her extensions being caught!

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