5 must have skills for an online content writer

This can serve both the budding writers and startups/companies who are looking to hire writers/editors/content team. Being a content guy for the last 11 years, I feel I am competent enough to give some tips! 🙂

Impeccable language

Okay, I might have exaggerated the need but it can’t be overlooked. Especially when it comes to brands and print-digital media amalgamation. Whatever may be the language, the content person should have control over grammar, structure, flow and the tone.

One thing that might be missing from the old-timers here is how language has changed in the recent past at least when it comes to online writing. The language has become more liberal, involves an aggressive personal touch, and is sometimes replete with slang.

Social media aficionado

From print to new and now to social–writing has taken a long road. If the content person does not follow social media, he/she is not good. Social media is an integral part of writing because it is what gives you success or failure. Just don’t overlook this skill–dive deep into it!

Search engine friendly

I know a lot of esteemed writers may feel offended but when it comes to writing online content, you can’t afford to ignore it. Search engines are the machines that bring majority of users, customers, readers to your pages–you can’t ignore them at any cost.

Make sure you know at least the basics of search engine optimized writing style, which of course keeps changing almost every year! 😛

Catchy graphics and images

The true beauty of a writer lies in the usage of words but online writing is more about presentation and visual appeal. Make sure you are able to use photos, images, or graphics that enhance the value of your content.

Sometimes, less words are needed to convey the message when it is supported by a telling image.

Content curation

Fresh ideas will come from reading and curating others’ content. You need to know where to look for fresh ideas and what to read too. A good idea may be lying anywhere on the internet but you need to be skillful enough to land on it.

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