Certification for entrepreneurs–ISO certification

While much fanfare is made about ISO certification, it is certainly a coveted achievement for businesses in the line of furthering their goals and aspirations. Let us first understand what this certification is all about. This certification is administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), who is the largest developer and publisher of international standards on the globe. Most ISO standards are highly specific to a particular product, material, or process and more commonly adopted by manufacturers, where product quality control is critically needed for the supply chain management. Service firms are increasingly resorting to standardized quality management systems in an effort to bring additional value to their businesses.

The different components of ISO certification provide quality management systems and also quality assurance of a product, the ultimate goal being an enhanced customer satisfaction. Through the process of getting qualified for ISO certification, businesses can assess their own abilities to meet the customers in addition to complying with all the regulatory measures and the organization’s own quality aspirations. ISO 9001 standard can be described in other words as a process approach to applying and supporting quality management system. When the top management sets up some quality policy, objectives and goals, the ISO process ensures the quality goals are realized in reality, new goals are evolved and improvement is continuously enhanced on the go.

As a result of ISO certification, the clearly defined and completely documented procedures ensure a consistent output. The quality is constantly measured and enhanced. In case defects crop up, they are remedied on the go and the rate of defects is minimized. It is possible to correct defects in the early stages and rectified at lower costs. Even the new employees stay well informed of the various processes since everything is documented. The total result is increased sales and increased market share for the company.

ISO is the international certification given to products and services that comply with the established global standards and norms. ISO has more than 19 500 standards covering every single aspect of daily life. When a product or service is certified by ISO, the consumers have increased level of confidence that boosts up its marketability and sales. International Standards also offer some invaluable tools and guidelines to companies for solving some critical challenges connected to modern businesses. In the process of ensuring compliance with ISO standards, businesses can perfect their goods and processes by streamlining operations, improving efficiency, enhance productivity and maximize profits. In addition, guided by this experience they can easily venture into newer markets.

ISO certification process is rather highly complex. The auditor working for you considers factors including location, scope and experience of the business and performs an initial assessment audit. Thirty days before the audit, a copy of the audit plan is forwarded to the business by the auditor. Two weeks before the audit, a proper documentation must be submitted to the auditor. The audit takes place as per the plan. The audit process identifies non-compliance areas and generates a report. NCRs are entered into the Registrar’s online EQM system. The business works to resolve the NCRs. Once the review approves the closure of NCRs, the certificate of registration awarded and sent to the client.

ISO certification optimizes operations and improves bottom line thereby enabling cost savings. It significantly enhances customer satisfaction. It features environmental benefits and helps access new marts and grab more market share. ISO certification is a sure way to business development.

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