Best small scale business ideas in India

Stationery shops are in great demand in several places. Especially at locations where you find private offices, government offices, schools and colleges, you have a huge potential to sell stationery. Stationery shops can be started with little investment to begin with. You just need to make a list of the most popularly needed things to start your venture. You can source the materials from wholesale suppliers or even manufacturers so that you can have a good margin for yourself upon selling your goods. Children love colorful things for their school use. Attractively covered notebooks, fancy stationery boxes and fancy pens sell well day in and day out. You need to stay with the trend and constantly look out for the likings in people and procure them for your shop. There are also a number of other things you can sell in your stationery shop.

Students do a lot of projects and assignments for their school purposes. You may also supply materials required for doing a variety of academic projects. Some shops also undertake to do the project items, experimental set ups and exhibition displays for the use of children. These kinds of added services will attract more customers to your shop. Have a wide range of options under every segment, but also plan how well you will minimize the investment and put the investment to rotation rather than getting stagnant on things that do not sell much. You may also include some books that contain information and data required for daily use like table books, dictionaries, guides and study support guides like encyclopedias. Charts and displays also sell like hot cakes. It will take some time for you to decide which will sell more than others and eventually you can gain a good amount of experience in the arena enabling you do a better job on the go.

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  1. I completed B.E Electrical &Electronics Engineering, i have 5years experience so I decided to start buissines. Kindly sujest me any ideas

    1. Well, I would suggest you should network with some mentors or join a startup forum etc. If you haven’t decided what you want to do, you should continue with your job. Thanks!

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