Linkedin marketing solutions: How to use company pages for user acquisitions and sales

Linkedin has come up a long way from being one of the most boring (yes, people put it like this) and tediously professional network used extensively for recruitment and hiring purpose to be one of the leaders in social media for marketing and sales purposes.

To be very specific, right now, it is the most fruitful social media channel for sales.

Linkedin Marketing Solutions

For a marketer, it is clear that Linkedin should be high on priority while making a social strategy. Though the engagement rate is low as compared to Facebook and Google+, but the ultimate goal is sale not shallow engagement.

There are lot of business or brand pages on FB, which have insane engagement but low ROI. What’s the use? None, whatsoever!

Given that Linkedin is giving you maximum sales, you should work hard on the strategy and leverage its potential.

Linkedin Marketing Solutions

The question is, almost everybody is concerned and flustered as what to share on Linkedin. Twitter trolls and Facebook link posts are known to everybody but what about Linkedin. It’s a professional world. You need to have the nerdy serious outlook while serving your updates to your network.

The below snapshots will give you an idea what the industry is suggesting. These are not comprehensive ideas but of course a starting point–be as creative as you can. Track Linkedin analytics and you will know what is happening with every update that you make.

Experiment, tweak and succeed just like you did on any social media platform.
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Linkedin Marketing Solutions (4) Linkedin Marketing Solutions (5) Linkedin Marketing Solutions (6)

Now, lot of marketers are fearing that they might dilute the image of the corporate and professional look of a company’s page by posting multiple updates or trying to be conversational with their audience.

Don’t fear it–until you are posing sane updates and something informational and useful, you are not ruining your image. You can rely on your own personal Linkedin profile and Linkedin groups for traffic and sales. Your brand page should do the talking.

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Sky is the limit for B2C as well as B2B marketer on Linkedin because it’s a new entrant when it comes to social media marketing channel. Leverage the advantage and roll!


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