Standing up for stand-up comedy

Stand-up Comedy

Described as ‘hard, lonely, and vicious’, stand-up comedy is not an easy task by any means. The audience expect a continuous and perpetual stream of laughs, because the feedback is instant and live. UnlikeĀ a feature film where actors perform and then wait for the feedback from the audience when they watch the film in theatres, stand-up comedy is something instantaneous and has an immediate impact on the performer. You can easily understand that if the performer fails to make the audience laugh, he may lose it all in an instant.

Difficult art forms require more backing and support so that the performers could flourish, and the art form does not die a slow death. This is where is doing the hard work making sure the artists get the exposure and reach.

Stand-up comedy is a universal art. It can be performed in any language. Some artists do it on solo basis while others may have troupes. Pre-defined themes and innovative props may also be used. In fact, if the performance is serialized, improvisation and innovative approach will be needed. Anything repeated other than a signature punch-line will taste stale. Uninterrupted creativity is the only recourse that a performer can take.

The usual venues for stand-up comedy are comedy clubs, bars, nightclubs, neo-burlesques, colleges, and theatres, but online streaming of videos has really given a major boost to the art. Pubs are, without doubt, a great venue for stand-up comedy. It’s where you need to have to be at your creative best because the audience is really in no mood to give leeway to time-wasters. I feel pubs are like the real test of a stand-up comedian–the feedback is direct, immediate, honest and worthy of trying. However, this set-up is popular still only in metros and tier-2 cities. You can’t expect such kind of arrangement is smaller cities. The audience still lies there.

TV shows are okay but nothing can beat the thrill that one gets when he gets to see a video while travelling in a metro using a smart phone or a tab.

A website dedicating a special space to such a special art is really unique. I have checked many videos of archived performances of stand-up comedy on YouTube but it does not help the newcomers. LiveinStyle has really gives a beacon of hope to stand-up comedians as they can bank on the portal to get wider reach and appeal to the audience.

I hope that online users will also be able to give this portal its due attention and making it more popular through social media and other channels like Whatsapp etc.

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