Want to make your online shopping a soulful activity?

I know you must have heard it hundreds of times–there is this NGO and you should support it. Nowadays, they even have call centres. Executives call your phone numbers and ask if you would like to support the education or medical bills of such and such person.

But who has the time to do it? A busy life does not allow too much philanthropy and Samartian outlook. The want is there but there is no way or tool available to do it quickly, like we do other things that are technology-enabled and require lesser time to execute.

Gudville Buddy

Well, what if someone does it at no cost to you–money or time, nothing—how would you feel! You just have to connect your shopping with Gudville and they will do it for you. They will help you choose a cause that you feel is really close to your heart, and you can donate the impact of your shopping to that cause. This is at no cost to you and requires no time too.

It’s often mentioned that people want to help but they have no time to do it–of course, money also comes as a second excuse. But with this new technology that bridges the gap between cause and commerce, it is possible to help others without spending money or time.

Commerce is huge and is growing at a whopping scale in India. Not only the metro cities but even villages have access to websites and mobile apps from which they shop on regular basis. But connecting Gudville Buddy with your shopping experience will make it an impactful experience for both you and for the causes that are associated with it. Without any cost to you, you will be able to make a difference in somebody life. Imagine, the humungous number of people who are shopping matching the number of people who are impacting the causes, it would be a change beyond imagination.

Be a part of such a revolution and start making a difference today without any change in your lifestyle.

Watch this video to know how it works:

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