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After food and cloth, a house is the classic third basic need of a human being. It is believed that the early in your life you make your house, the better chances you have to be called as ‘set’ in your life. The realty sector has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years, but there had been no clear way for buyers to know from whom to buy and how to buy. Major developers often become too costly, and there’s always a danger of fraud among the smaller players and the ones that are lesser known.

So, what a home-buyer will do in order to buy his dream house?

Digital space has come to the rescue. There are many online sites (Housing, CommonFloor, 99Acre) that offer comparison and options to buy variety of houses across various cities, developed by different players, and having distinct features and budget. Still, there is a lurking need of something very specific that could help you zero down to the right choice. After all, buying a house is not like your random online shopping of apparel or footwear. The intelligence given to you should be substantial and trustworthy.

This is where RealtyCompass has enabled the customers in a real sense. Let’s have a critical review of this portal:

  • Project Ratings: One of the top-most issue buyers face is the trust factor on the developers. Which project is the right one? How to assess a particular project? RealtyCompass gives ratings to every builder based on 80+ parameters, which helps the buyers to make sure they are picking only the projects that are ranking high on trust factor. It helps navigate them through the plethora of choices.


  • Collections: When you search for a home in a city, you have many particular aspects in your mind. You may have your own choice of finding a good home with a neighborhood, or you may be looking for a luxury apartment. All these are offered to you through various tags. There are 36 such unique tags offered by RealtyCompass.


  • Floor Plan Analysis: Nobody in the market gives you actual floor plan area of the property that you are going to buy. Once you have this picture right before your eyes, you can plan and decide in a better way. It’s like the pictorial representation of what’s actually going to be there if you decide to buy that property. Without doubt, it arms the customers with high-level intelligence.

floor Plan

  • Compare Projects: It’s but obvious that you may come to a point where you actually like more than one project in a particular city. The final choice of picking up the property becomes difficult. But RealtyCompass has solved that problem by letting you compare projects with each just as you would like to compare mobile phones to get the comparison of their features.

Compare Builders

  • Best Deals: RealtyCompass brings you the beauty of regression analysis to highlight the best property deals in a locality. This helps in letting you know the fair prices for particular projects and you can plan to buy accordingly.

Best Deals

The main feature of this portal I liked is that you don’t have to put queries like you do on a search engine. It offers you touch-points based on the most common logic related to the house purchasing experience, and lets you sort things out. It’s like an intelligent social connect for you to figure out what will be the best-suited project for you.

Home-buyers can really benefit for this portal.

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