How to Grow your Own Flowers and Sell Them

Due to increased demand for beautiful flowers, the flower business is on the rise. Flowers are currently among the most profitable plants in the world. Venturing into this business is quite easy considering that the startup capital is quite low. Interestingly, one only requires gardening and business skills to get the business on the move.

Before venturing into this business, timing must be of great concern. Harvesting, transportation, and selling of flowers should be timely. For instance, flowers, which are most popular on certain occasions, should be planned according to a schedule in order to be ready when the occasion approaches.

How to Make Money in the Flower Business

1. Grow healthy flowers

From a business point of view, good products will get you good profits. Always focus on growing healthy flowers. The flower garden should have a good soil profile that facilitates healthy growth. Organic materials such as organic fertilizers are preferably the best for your flowers. Always use recommended insecticidal soap to counter pest’s harms. Above all, give your flowers the highest care during their time of growth. Consider watering them appropriately to facilitate the healthy rate of growth.

For a startup gardener, it is important to consider growing a variety of flowers. You can only think of specializing if your potential customers require a certain variety of flowers.

2. Identify Potential Customers

There are many places to find potential customers for your harvested flowers. These customers are ready to buy your supplies in large quantity at better prices.

These Places Include:

Marketplaces and roadsides

These are better places for your local sales. The places often portray big crowds interested in buying flowers locally. Set up a strategic place for your flowers and show passers-by how best your flowers are.

Selling by mail – order

You can also opt to make your sales by mail – order platforms such as Orchids Delivery NYC; a New York City flower delivery company. This platform works best when you are specializing in varieties, which are hard to find.


Restaurant owners are often fond of making tables and entryway in the restaurant look appealing by adding beautiful flowers. Engage them, find out their preference, and supply them if capable.

Making Contacts with Florists

It is obvious that florists must get their flowers from a gardener. It is therefore very important for you to make contacts with your local florists, and maintain a positive working relationship with them. Note that reliability, reasonable pricing, and growing high-quality flowers motivates the majority of florists to work with you.

3. Design a Business Plan

A business plan for any startup business is paramount. It is only through the business plan that you are able to figure out where you want your business to go, and how you can make it a reality. Set goals and objectives, and work very hard to attain them.

4. Be a good listener

The success of your business will mostly rely on how your response to your customers’ needs. Consider growing flowers that suit your customers’ wants and for sure, they will turn to your business. This will earn you highest sales with the biggest profit margin.

You can make a huge amount of money in the flower business. This can only be achieved if your flowers are healthy and attractive. Remember, the flower business is very rewarding and can be done as a part-time business.

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