YouTube Playlist Downloader—what is the best and the quickest method?

Video consumption is on the rise and there are many online streaming services that are capturing the market including NetFlix and Amazon Prime Videos. However, YouTube remains one of the most favorite video portals because of the ease with which it can be used atop the fact that it is free to use. The feature […]

Telugu Names of Dry Fruits

It’s very interesting to know the Telugu names of various dry fruits as some of them are similar to what they are called in other languages including Tamil and even Hindi. We are providing 10 names of dry fruits in the Telugu language–if you can contribute and provide more names, please feel free to write […]

English Poem–I love You

In pain, I can never say ‘I love you’. Yet, this is a feeling that I have whenever things go easy, my Lord. For everything that you do or choose in my life, I try to be happy and thankful about it. The challenge is to do the same when I feel like a loser, […]

English Poem–Meditative imagination

Away from that sultry existence where tastes, senses, feelings, emotions, savories, and elemental bindings play the upper hand, I enjoy the lotus posture with a soft smile swirling on my lips. The plane where I sit is leveled with the floating waves of gentle music that comes creeping from all the corners. There is a […]

English Poem–The unseen occupier

Beyond that unending veil of ignorance, an unseen occupier sits comfortably with a subdued-smile swirling on its lips. It is the source of power—the driving force that initiates everything, yet, it takes no credits. There is no second one to whom it can show the ‘I got credits’ placard. It assumes a deep and genuine […]

A crowded ground where everybody turns to be a fielder

I am talking about Nabha, a small town in Punjab where I have shifted back from Gurgaon. It is a nice place to live if you like a bit of off-beat life where you have all the basic needs fulfilled yet having a noise-free ambience. I started visiting the playground with my niece and nephew […]

Indian Realty Industry Demystified

Penguin India launched a memoir on the Indian real estate industry -‘Inside unreal Estate’ – A journey through India’s most controversial sector”, authored by S K Sayal, an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience in the sector.  The book captures the evolutionary landscape of Indian real estate sector and his myriad experiences therein. The […]

Reaction on Union Budget 2016-17 by Himanshu Meena, Founder & CEO, Parsel

“Finance Ministers announcement of 100 per cent tax deduction on profits made by startups in the first 3 years and new laws for ease of doing business will definitely help in promoting the start up culture in the country . The move will not only serve government’s motive to generate employment but it will also […]

Looking to buy an affordable wedding dress?

Weddings are the most memorable moments of your life. You would always want to celebrate the occasion with the best attire you have worn over your entire life perhaps an affordable dresses to wear to a wedding jvsdress. The cameras and eyes of visitors flashing on you are going to etch the memories for years to […]

Flavoring cocktails with Indian spices

Have you ever considered cocktails with Indian spices as a searching criterion while going through a website that is your destination ‘Pub Finder in India‘? Well, it sounds very odd but there are various cocktail recipes that are based on Indian spices. If you are really crazy about trying new cocktail flavors that are not […]

No shame in buying condoms online

It was not long ago when people in India felt ashamed to buy condoms openly from the chemist shops and general stores. Some of them still do it. The government’s push for public safety by offering condoms for free and then at a very nominal price encouraged the general public to use condoms. However, there is […]

Best small business to start

Life is filled with special occasions. Special occasions bring people opportunities to greet their near and dear ones. One of the most effective and economical way of greeting people is with greeting cards. Setting up a greetings card shop can perhaps make one of the most lucrative businesses. You need to understand the likings and […]

Best small businesses in India

There are different kinds of rentals for varied needs of people. You can start a rental shop in several sectors. One of the most popular rentals shop is renting out cooking utensils and event needs. Cooking for big events require large utensils that people do not use every day. Therefore, the only way to get […]

Best small scale business ideas in India

Stationery shops are in great demand in several places. Especially at locations where you find private offices, government offices, schools and colleges, you have a huge potential to sell stationery. Stationery shops can be started with little investment to begin with. You just need to make a list of the most popularly needed things to […]

Best small business ideas from home

Wooden Furniture making is perhaps a small business that is in great demand. Wood has been one of the most widely used mediums for furniture, doors, cupboards, partitions, artistic products and others. With its wonderful applications and its amazing features as a material, wood has gained a very important place in the furniture world. Wood […]

Best small business ideas in India

Though several applications and video shooting devices have come, digital photography always enjoys its unique niche in the industry. People wish to capture their memorable moments in photographs and for this purpose, they resort to photography. Photographs are nowadays processed and developed using a variety of photo editing software and artistically crafted in a variety […]

Tax Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

As is the case of individuals, businesses that are sole proprietorship are also eligible for tax exemption under some conditions. If you own more than one business as a sole proprietor, you can pay the taxes of all the firms together as a single assessee. There are some procedures to calculate the total income of […]

Taxation and Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur must be aware of the basics of taxation. Knowing tax laws and the basics of accounting is rather a crucial necessity for entrepreneurs that cannot be overlooked for the good of their business. Every business run in any part of the world needs to pay taxes in some form or the other to […]

Best new business ideas

Needs of people in particular and the society in general are constantly evolving and this fact gives rise to the scope of starting new types of businesses. If you have decided to do some business, there are a number of great business ideas that you can make work. While people do different types and classes […]

Best small business ideas

Best small business ideas are those that require less investment, carry lesser risks and fetch good profits. If you are venturing into a new small business, there are lot of sources from which you can gather your ideas. For every effort, inspiration is very important. You just look out far and wide into the society […]

Best small business

There are a number of people looking forward to set up best small business. Small businesses are highly interesting. While starting a small business, a good amount of ground work is needed from your side. You can choose a business that you can do with your family members. If all the members in your family […]

Best own business ideas

Though there are a lot of best own business ideas, there are a few that stem from the recurring needs of people. Such businesses cater to meet the day to day needs of people and can therefore generate money perennially. Once you develop a customer base, then you can hope to do a thriving business […]

Best IT business ideas

Information technology also called as IT has become integral part of every sphere of human activity. It is rather very hard to imagine a field where IT is not used. When we talk of IT, we mean the hardware and software systems that generate, process, store and transmit data across geographies through computer aided technology. […]

Best idea for business

The best business is something that capitalizes on the impending needs of people and generates good profits for less effort and investment. A large number of people aspire to become entrepreneurs, but a few only succeed in their endeavour. The reason is that succeeding in business depends on a thoughtful decision based on a thorough […]

Best home based business

Why would anyone think of a home based business? The answer to this question is manifold. In the first place, home based business is a way to minimize the overhead expenses like rents and other establishment charges. By running your business from your home, you are also likely to save on the travel expenses. In […]