No shame in buying condoms online

It was not long ago when people in India felt ashamed to buy condoms openly from the chemist shops and general stores. Some of them still do it. The government’s push for public safety by offering condoms for free and then at a very nominal price encouraged the general public to use condoms. However, there is always a social stigma and shame felt whenever one has to walk up to the counter and say: “I would like to buy some condoms”. The fellow customers would throw that curious look and you will feel so uncomfortable that next time you would think thrice before you could make up your mind to go and buy condoms again.

The story is not same anymore

However, with the advent of online industry and a booming ecommerce model, it has become hassle-free to buy condoms from various online stores. Online buying gives you all the time to choose, select and then buy the products that you want. There is nobody who would be looking at you with smirk or ridicule–you have the complete freedom to pick your environment in which you want to make the purchase. You could choose to be alone, with your family members and also in your office. You can even buy from your mobile phone on the move, while traveling etc. is one such store which brings you exclusive access to condoms of your choice–you can buy any type of condom you want from a collection exclusively selected for your own choice and preference.

It is a one-stop-store for your needs.

Like any other e-commerce site, you can feel free to explore the site and spend time in understanding various kinds of products. There is no hurry of buying the product like the obligation you feel when you visit a physical store.

Some of the salient advantages of buying from this online store are:

  1. Once you place the order, the package will be totally discreet. So, you will have no shame of receiving it or showing it to anybody.
  2. The sender’s address will be a healthcare company and therefore again you don’t have to worry about the ‘condom’ word on your package or the bill.
  3. Further, not even your credit card statement will mention the word ‘condom’. So, even if your family members happens to check the credit card statement, you will not have to feel ashamed or guilty of buying a condom.

With these advantages, you can easily see that online shopping of condoms has removed every possibility or point of ashamedness or feeling embarrassed because you went on to buy a product that is still a ‘taboo’ in social terms. So, if you feel you need to buy condoms, there is nothing that should stop you. Go ahead and make your purchase!

We wish you a great experience as you buy condoms at ease.

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