Poem on Mango in Hindi for Class 1

Writing rhymes and poems for small children is a very interesting pastime or task when you are sitting in your house by the window and wondering what will happen to the world in the next coming months. This is what I was doing when I came up with these lines on the National Fruit of India–Mango.

This is a very basic poem with simple lines that can be taught to LKG or UKG and even nursery level children too. If you would like to use this poem in any way, feel free to do so. Also, if you feel like you want to add some more lines or edit some words to make it better, do not hesitate. All these poems are for fun, learning, and enjoyment for the children.


आम पर बाल कविता

होता बड़ा रसीला आम

लाल, हरा और पीला आम

कर दे मूँह को गीला आम

कच्चा हो तो मत खाओ

खाओ हो जब थोड़ा ढ़ीला आम

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