TikTok is Democratizing Content Creation in India

The digital generation wants everything brought to its hand-held devices. The increasing use of mobile phones has caused a dramatic surge in the need for apps that meet the various needs and fancies of people. With millions of app makers out there in the world today, if an app is successful, it only means it has ably responded to the popular expectations and has capitalized on the trending needs of people during and after its debut. Out of the plethora of most successful mobile apps that have taken the mobile world into a stride, TikTok is strikingly a very popular one used by several million.

TikTok’s popular appeal

Developed by ByteDance, TikTok is a language-agnostic app and is able to make people share their expressions in their own language. Today there are over 200 million users actively creating content on TikTok and this app has helped democratize the internet use among the users. In addition, the makers of TikTok have implemented a lot of measures to see that the users enjoy this platform in a safe in-app, and positively stimulating environment.

A platform where the users discover themselves

One way in which TikTok has appealed to the masses is that it has enabled the users to explore and discover themselves. It has also given people the power to create content across all genres, geographies, and classes. Even the most common users of the app are able to showcase their creativity and knowledge and share the everyday moments of their lives. TikTok empowers the users to become creators right on their smartphones and in its truest form, has democratized content creation.

It is said that as new TikTok videos keep getting uploaded, TikTok has also removed more than 6 million videos that have violated the community guidelines and terms of use through an elaborate review of the content generated by the users, thereby keeping the platform safe.

What the company says about the app

During the 12th edition of the Pitch CMO summit 2020, Ahteram Uddin, Director of Sales Operations, ByteDance India, spoke on the topic ‘Democratizing Creativity’ highlighting how TikTok has played a significant role in this mission. He said, “TikTok is a leading short-form platform and has a democratic activity at the core. Our mission has been about inspiring creativity and bringing joy.” Some of the key takeaways from Uddin’s speech were that brands can democratize creativity using short-format videos, scale solutions, and redefining engagement.

We see that with all its innovative features and characteristics, TikTok ably continues to make a positive contribution to the creative economy of the world today.

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