5 Ways To Sleep Through The Night With A Flu

Good sleep is hard to come by for many people for various reasons, but one constant sleep interrupter for people of all ages is the flu. Notably, harsh symptoms like fever, coughing at night and a stuffy nose make it even more difficult to sleep. Because you have the flu, you should aim at resting more since sleep will aid in your quick recovery. As you read on, you will be learning how you and your entire family can sleep better especially when you have the flu.

  1. Raise your head slightly when sleeping

Slightly raising your head while sleeping with flu, will help your body to take down excess mucus. The position of lying down flat can make your night very uncomfortable because of all the mucus build-up. Therefore, add pillows to prop you up and sleep in a comfortable novaform mattress and beddings to avoid sleep interruptions from an uncomfortable bed. Coughs can also be minimized by adopting this sleep position, as long as, it does not cause discomfort to the neck.

  1. Take a hot bath or shower

A hot bath or shower is one of the ways to calm the body in preparation for sleep. Therefore, it is a good idea to take this step if you are suffering from a cold. In addition, hot showers will help in melting the mucus and so take care of a stuffy nose. However, close your bathroom door so that the steam does not escape. The addition of essential oils like the eucalyptus will help to relax your muscles from body aches which may be a result of coughing or just the flu which usually can leave your body feeling lethargic. 

  1. Take a warm drink

Flu can leave you feeling quite dehydrated or even cause dryness of the throat due to a sore throat. Therefore, you can fix yourself a cup of hot chamomile tea or lemon water with honey. Although a warm drink is essential, you may want to stay away from caffeinated tea or coffee to get a good night’s sleep. This is because caffeinated drinks will keep you awake most of the night while you need ample rest for the body to battle the flu out of your system. Importantly, you could also gargle warm salty water to soothe your sore throat.

  1. Go to bed earlier

One major symptom of flu is feeling tired and fatigue. This is a sign that your body needs more rest than usual. Therefore, going to bed early will do the magic for you. To achieve an early bedtime you may need to start your nighttime routine early enough to achieve this goal. Also, be sure to avoid screens like the TV or the phones just to tone down the mind as well. In addition, you can practice meditation of silencing the mind to help knock you out as soon as you hit the bed. Lastly, as long as you can aim for 8-12 hours of sleep during this period, you should be back in shape in no time.

  1. Use vapor rub

Heat lotions and vapor rubs contain eucalyptus and menthol which helps to decongest your nasal area. However, these are not to cure the flu, but to make the symptoms more manageable. Therefore, rub a little on the chest, neck area, and upper back to make sure it is absorbed into the chest to melt away the mucus and ease your breathing. You could also place some of it on the pillow to make sure you can inhale some of it as well. In case you get an irritation on your skin you can try and be gentle or mix it in petroleum jelly to mild it.

In conclusion, sleep is the main thing your body craves when you are sick. Therefore, when you give in to this need there is a higher chance that you will get well sooner. Following the tips above and keeping your body hydrated, the flu or cold should have ended within 7-10 days as with most flu symptoms. However, if your symptoms persist, be sure to check in with a doctor for further advice.

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