English Learning App for Kids 4+ Years

Learn English Vocabulary Fun

During their budding years, children can learn a language quickly. When learning is fun and presented through interesting activities, children tend to learn faster. Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids is a highly engaging and interesting app for children to learn English. The developers of this app have invested a great deal in children’s psychology in creating different lessons and learning modules. You will not find a better app than this to teach English to your growing kids.

Contents delivered

This app mainly focuses on basic English, vocabulary, first words, pronunciation, spellings, and phonics. The voice narration makes the app highly engaging and interesting. The best thing about this app is it has been developed by Educationists and English teachers. Especially targeting the age group of 2 to 8 years, this is an incredible app for your kid to learn English.

The basic words that children need to learn first can be categorized under 32 heads. This app has picked up all these categories and covers them through its different modules. Intending to develop your kid’s pronunciation and vocabulary, this app can successfully expose your child to a variety of animals, furniture, toys, electronic gadgets, flowers, fruits, vegetables, gardening tools, and many other categories of things around us.

What your child will learn from this app?

This app will teach your kids basic English, pronunciation, vocabulary, phonics, voice narration, and how to memorize, and will sharpen your child’s visual perception and cognitive abilities. 32 categories of words are presented to your child through a variety of activities and games. Children will also get to learn basic English covering small letters, capital letters, colors, shapes, and numbers.

Interesting features of this app

  • Highly colorful and interesting flash cards to teach spelling and pronunciation
  • Over 100 games to teach memorizing
  • Tactile English memory test
  • Game selection screens that can be tracked
  • Engaging sound effects and child-friendly voice-over

The app features a child-friendly interface that is simple and attractive. You do not need Wi-Fi to play this app. As this app does not feature any third party advertisements, there are no distractions and a waste of time.

The advantages of giving this app to your kid

Children do not have any inhibitions to learn. They get involved so easily and readily. They can easily grasp and absorb sounds and colors. Through imitation, children can learn quickly. They are spontaneous and do not hesitate to speak or practice English. Through imitation, kids readily play sounds and phrases and learn English much quicker than adults.

This app can let your children learn English in a fun-filled way. The English learning games forming part of this app are highly stimulating. You also get to measure the progress of your children through vocabulary test games featured in the app.

Why buy this app?

Digital-age children are smarter. This app can provide your kids with highly constructive screen time. When you can spare some time regularly on a daily basis, you get to see your kids learn English faster.

Highly suitable for the Indian market, the app developers are giving away an attractive discount on the price of this app. Use the promo code LOVE4KIDS and save $ 6.99. You can visit their Facebook Page to know more about the game.

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