A crowded ground where everybody turns to be a fielder

I am talking about Nabha, a small town in Punjab where I have shifted back from Gurgaon. It is a nice place to live if you like a bit of off-beat life where you have all the basic needs fulfilled yet having a noise-free ambience.

I started visiting the playground with my niece and nephew to play in the evening, but looking at the crowd in the ground, I felt that there is hardly any place where we could play. Usually, in such places, you need a small corner or a nook just to tuck yourself in and start playing. You just sort of mingle in the crowd.

And this is the beauty of this crowd. When playing Cricket you hit the ball hard and it flies away, every other person who is playing there having the threat of being hit by your ball turns to a fielder and throws back the ball to you. In this way, you get free fielders and get more chances to bat or bowl.

What appeared to be a crowded situation in the beginning, actually turned out to be a beautiful setting where even two players can play Cricket like a full team.

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