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poem on pollution in delhi

Poem on Pollution in Delhi

The pollution in Delhi is smothering–you will feel it practically the moment you set foot in any area of Delhi, though there are certain areas where the pollution is lesser as compared to some areas where it is almost impossible to breathe. You will notice even regular traffic police wearing masks, which is a clear

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Short English Poem on Smile

Short Poem on Smile in English

This poem, written maybe around 14-15 years ago, won me an international diploma and was widely acknowledged by many friends and acquaintances.  I was studying in engineering at that time and was really writing a lot of poems, though my language was not at all refined. I feel the students of 8th and upper classes can

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Long English Poem for Class 11

India is a country of rich culture, history, and tradition, and hosts one of the earliest civilizations of the world. There are endless tales and stories that you can know about this country, and at the same time, it inspires you to create more art in various forms. One of the reasons for me writing

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Poem on importance of time in english

English Poem for Kids

This poem is in English and I wrote it for my daughter’s school project. For the last week, my wife and I have been searching a lot on the internet for a suitable poem that my daughter could use–she is the 1st grade and has a poetry recitation competition coming up. So, after tiring from

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