English Poem for Kids

This poem is in English and I wrote it for my daughter’s school project. For the last week, my wife and I have been searching a lot on the internet for a suitable poem that my daughter could use–she is the 1st grade and has a poetry recitation competition coming up. So, after tiring from searching, I decided to quickly pen down some lines that my daughter could use.

I fiddled with a couple of titles for the poem but we finally settled on this one:


Why children are awake

Birds are singing;

Bells are ringing.


Flowers are sweet;

In rain and heat.


Stars are shining;

Children are awake,

Because they want to run

To swim in the lake.


My wife like it because it sweet and short and easy for my daughter to remember and do some actions to while reciting it.

Feel free to use if you like it and share your thoughts.


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