What Are You Doing In Marathi | How to say “What are you doing” in Marathi

What are you doing in Marathi is a common search that people do on Google and other search engines. “What are you doing?” is a question in the English language. It is used to ask someone what he/she is doing. Obviously, in Marathi, like any other language, there are various ways in which you can what are you doing depending on the context and also the kind of person you are addressing.

In Marathi, it is used in two ways:

What Are You Doing in Marathi

  1. In the first way, it has a formal tone to it.
  • तुम्ही काय करत आहात?
  • तू काय करत आहेस?
  1. In the other way, it is used as a slang.
  • काय चाललंय?

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