English Poem about God for Class 12th

Below is a poem that can be used in competitions for recitation and oration by the senior secondary school students or PUC students, as it is a bit of philosophical nature. It might not be suitable for middle-school students.

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English Poem about God for Class 12th

Are you game, my Lord!

Let me impute all my failures to you, my Lord. Let me heave upon you all the miseries that I carry.

Let me unburden my heart from all the weight that it bears. Let me attribute all my shortcomings and incompetency to you.

Let me be not me in all this.

There seems to be nothing in my control because everything follows as you ordain. You are also presently directing me to write all this!

It has always been you and none else. The vicissitudes of my conviction vary as you please. Sometimes, I enjoy it; sometimes I suffer in seething pain, while you enjoy the alterations in my mood with delight.

Can you record your expressions as you watch me perform or perhaps create another me who would sit with you and observe me just as you do? So, it would be a fair drama where I know how I am performing.

I would be able to enact and not-react at the same time. Sitting with you, I would be able to enjoy the puns that you might crack on the performance of ‘other me’. I might even punch the air when you would utter ‘well played’. We might even have a high-five!

It would be like watching a movie while enjoying some lemonade and salad.

Doesn’t it sound like a fair deal? We should try it sometime. Are you game, my Lord?

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