Poem on Save Environment for Class 2

A lot of focus has shifted towards the environment and preparing the next generation in full awareness about the threats it faces and their responsibility to work in a sustainable way. The schools have started celebrating the ‘Environment Week’ where they often ask even kids to recite poems and stories about saving the environment.

My daughter, who is now in the 2nd grade, was also asked to prepare a poem in English. So, I sat down to write something that is easy to pronounce at her age and also makes some sense.

So, here is the poem on saving the environment for a 2nd grader–if you wish to use it, please feel free to do so.


Poem on Save Environment for Class 2“God gave us air,

Polluting it is not fair.

Water is liquid gold,

Not free anymore

But being sold.

We can’t waste it;

We can’t pollute it;

It is our ways that

We have to mold.”


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