Short Poem on Environment in English for Class 3

Very recently, I had to work with my daughter and also with my nephew for their school projects based on environmental issues. Apart from poems and stories, there was a task that involved curating a good video that could be relevant to the school children and drove home the message of environmental protection.

I felt it is the most important need or area of attention that the present generation need to focus on–environment, without which, we simply can’t exist. This planet, named earth, is habitable just because it has a suitable environment for various species. So, it is our bounden duty to work for the protection of the environment.

Encouraged by the thought, I wrote a poem in the English language that could be used by the students of grade 2 or 3. Feel free to share your suggestions or ideas through the comment section.

Short Poem on Environment in English for Class 3

I am the earth–your mother!

Don’t you keep your house clean?

Don’t you know what I mean

When I say, I like it green?

Yes, I am the earth–your mother!


Why you cut so many trees?

Why you kill so many bees?

Why so much of plastic choking my seas?

Stop the pollution this very moment, please.


If you do not care for me,

You are going to face the disasters.

Because no matter how much you ignore

You can’t live without me.


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