Long English Poem for Class 11

India is a country of rich culture, history, and tradition, and hosts one of the earliest civilizations of the world. There are endless tales and stories that you can know about this country, and at the same time, it inspires you to create more art in various forms.

One of the reasons for me writing this poem is its multitudinous and diverse characteristics. You will feel amusingly lost in the variety and juxtaposition that it has towards life. Let me take through some of the salient points that I could capture in the form of a blank verse poem.

Due to the complexity of words and its length, I feel this poem would be suitable for recitation for students of 10th an upper classes if they choose to use this poem for any kind of activity or competition. Feel free to let me know if you have any comments regarding this.

This poem is part of the book that I wrote and self-published through CreateSpace and is available for purchase on Amazon:

English Poem for Class 11


A Land of Baffling Promises

A land once raided and ruled by Macedonians, Iranians, Afghans, Kazakhs, Turks, Portuguese, French and the British, but was always under the supreme sovereignty of God.

A land where the military dies defending the land from external as well as internal foes, yet never ever attacked any nation.

A land where the Capital tops the list of the most polluted cities, but boasts of the best airport in its category.

A land where world’s highest peaks rest like meditating sages, while some of the deepest oceans border it like an island.

A land where hundreds of languages are spoken, yet love is the undercurrent of every sound that is made.

A land where natives find difficulty in understanding the different cultures, and foreigners find everything singularly unique.

A land where the skin color varies from whitish to wheaty and to the coastal dark, but every effort is made not to be superficial.

A land where mathematics runs in the veins of every child, yet no calculations of expenses incurred are made when hosting a guest.

A land that gave the first-ever book to the world, the concept of a university, astrology, Yoga, and the number system, yet never cared for patency.

A land that saw one of the deadliest wars in the history or the mythology that annihilated multiple generations, yet nestles one of the oldest civilizations.

A land that is an impossibility—it can’t be—yet the beauty lies in the fact that ‘it is’.

A land where every day brings a new challenge of survival, but every night is a soothing repose with a firm faith that ‘He will take care of everything’.

It’s to such a charismatic land that I call you, my friend. Welcome to India!


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