English Short Recitation Poem for Class 11

When you are studying in grade 11 or 12 and you are looking for recitation poems that are short and crisp, but still convey a deep meaning, I have seen a lot of students and even their parents find it difficult to zero down on a poem.

Thinking about that, I thought of sharing a thoughtful poem that I wrote when I was studying in engineering maybe around 2001-02.

English Short Recitation Poem for Class 11

If you have any feedback or query regarding this poem, please feel free to write through the comment section.

Does the Earth Stop?

Does the earth stop? –no, it does not.

So as the time, the fast-moving wings it has got.

Then O ye! Why you waste the time as useless?

Work hard and leave the futile imagination and guess.


Believe that the earth will not stop.

Oceans are vast but a measure of drop,

But if the drop is considered as all;

The oceans stand like an insurmountable wall.


By fighting and quarreling with one another

One can not think of the changing weather.

For who knows when death will cloud the way

Without knocking the door, irrespective of night or day.


Then why not understand this divine cosmic play:

See the pots but contemplate on the causal clay.

The supreme power has engendered this nature,

So, love and feel oneness in every single creature.

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