20 Sewing Machine Creative Ideas for Beginners

Sewing is an activity that allows people to make their own clothing. Knowing how to sew gives people the ability to make other things such as pillowcases, sweaters, jackets, pillow covers and even blankets. Once a person acquires this skill they can make just about anything they desire.

The following sewing machine ideas are for beginners. They will provide newbies with at least 20 different things they can sew in their own homes.

Sewing Ideas

Let’s take a look at what they are:

1. Pillow Cases

Pillowcases are an easy project for newbies. Since most pillowcases have a basic rectangular design, a sewer can easily stitch them up on their machine without too much of a fuss.

2. A Blanket

Blankets are larger than pillowcases, but they are another easy project for sewing enthusiast. The key to completing this project is to focus on the edges and do not make the blanket too big.

3. Zipper Pouch

A zipper pouch is another great item for novice sewers to create. They can easily be assembled in different shapes, patterns, and colors.

4. Tote Bags

Tote bags might be more complex than sewing a pillowcase, but they are doable for newbie machine operators. The key is to make sure to have a pattern that is easy to follow.

5. Fabric Basket

Fabric baskets are interesting storage containers. They are in fact slipcovers for oval or bucket-shaped storage bins.

6. Pencil Pouch

Pencil pouches are similar to zipper pouches except the material is a lot stronger and the unit has a smaller size. These little pencil containers can be created in 5 minutes or less.

7. Travel Scarf

Travel scarves are sophisticated looking clothing accessories. However, they are easy to sew.

8. Pocket T-Shirts

Believe it or not, you make your own pocket t-shirts. That’s right, you find the right material and learn how to sew pocket t-shirts. Projects such as these can be found on sosewreviews.com.

9. Scallop Neck T-Shirt Design

Scallop neck t-shirt designs are for females who like to make this garment fancy. The design is cut into circular patterns that are arranged around the collar area. It’s a fairly easy project for beginners.

10. Simple Backpacks

You can make thin backpacks that are easy to assemble. These packs are like knapsacks and are designed to carry small or lightweight items.

11. Skirts

Females find skirts to be fun, feminine and somewhat flirty. They’re easy to assemble and give people total creative freedom when designing this type of garment.

12. Dresses

Dresses are more complex than skirts to design. While that might be true, lightweight dresses such as a maxi or summer dress are very easy to assemble. Beginner sewers can create beautiful clothing with these ideas for dresses.

13. Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are a perfect project for beginners. They are small and can be assembled in minutes.

14. Fleece Blankets

Sewing a fleece blanket is no different than sewing a regular blanket. Sewers will have to use a heavier thread type to help keep the material together.

15. Mobile Phone Cases

Believe it or not, it is not difficult to sew your own mobile phone case. You can even add padding to the object to protect your device.

16. Draw String Bags

Drawstring bags are useful items for carrying or storing small things. They are not hard to make and young girls typically like the colorful styles and designs.

17. Business Card Wallet

Sewers can make a business card wallet that is used for storing business cards. The project on takes moments to finish.

18. Headbands

Females love headbands and being able to make this accessory provides them with an easy way to upgrade their wardrobe.

19. Fabric Tray

A fabric tray is designed to hold small items such as pins, clips or buttons. They are usually made out of material scraps. These small storage units can be cranked out in a short amount of time.

20. Legwarmers

Legwarmers are designed to keep a female’s legs warm during the cold months. They can be assembled in a short amount of time.

These are some basic sewing ideas that are easy to accomplish. A beginner seamstress can use a guide for some of these projects if they do not know where to begin. The projects are also designed to give newbies the skills and practice they will need to move on to more advanced sewing jobs.

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