Funny Poem in English for Class 10

This is a poem I wrote last year when I was stung by around 10-15 wasps in a plot of land where we grow a few vegetables and have also planted some Lilac trees. I was wearing shorts and flip-flops and unintentionally landed near the fallen nest of the wasps. It was maybe after 20 years that I got a bee or wasp sting and it was very painful. They stung on the knees, lower parts of the legs and also on the feet.

I drove back home on my mobike in a lot of pain–one of my sandals was lost in the knee-jerk reaction that I gave when I noticed the sharp pain in my legs. I was beginning to lose the sensation of my legs and the swelling had started before my wife brought me some medicine and within a day, I was okay–the swelling was also not much.

After the incident, I wrote this poem and thought that this could be used by senior students of any school if they are looking to recite a funny poem. Please feel free to let me know how you liked it and whether you used it.

Birthday Party of Wasps

It was the birthday of the wasp queen,
And the whole nest was buzzing with action.
The guards were given shoot-at-sight orders 
At the slightest disturbance from outside.

Lost in the music of my own thoughts
I loitered in the prohibited area.
Like an unwanted and uninvited guest,
I landed in their locality, unannounced.

The yellow fairies with golden wings
Were vigilant, noiseless, and savvy;
They knew the only pie they could get that day was of my flesh.
So, they made merry stinging me unrelentingly.

I traveled through the heaven of pain.
Like an apprehended culprit,
They levied the severest punishment
And drove me far and away.

Yet, what can I say!
It felt like they were really private beings
And did not like to be disturbed at all.

Now, because I gate-crashed their party,
I ought to offer a gift.
So, here, dear wasps:
I converted your venom to ink!

‘I am sorry to have you sting instead of sing,
On a day when you would have chosen
To dance, feast, and holiday.
I made you use your essence as a human-spray.’

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