Why Linux does not suck?

Right from the year 1999 when I started using computers, I have used Windows as the only operating system though I started learning typing in DOS also. When I joined my college for bachelors in Mechanical Engg., we did have a subject related to primary computer skills involving hardware recognition and some elementary topics about […]

How Ubuntu helps in reducing costs for cloud computing

Cloud computing is the buzzword of today’s technical word. But companies are mooting the cost aspects of its implementation. Without doubt, the implementation of cloud system brings down costs and saves a lot of time, but building the infrastructure for the same might be the cause of concern for some of them. Ubuntu, a champion […]

Tools for Backing up a Ubuntu System

Backing up a computer system is necessary. You will never know when your hard drive decides to crash or a lightning decides to strike. Therefore, it is always a great idea to keep your data backed up for such emergencies. Nowadays, there are two ways of backing up a computer system; offline backup for later […]

What’s New in Ubuntu 10.10?

New Desktop Wallpaper This is one of the tricks Ubuntu has been playing on its users for years. Every time when a new version of Ubuntu comes out, we see a brand new set of wallpapers that have been designed in align with the Ubuntu philosophy. This indeed impresses the Ubuntu user. With 10.10, it […]

How to use Ubuntu App Store?

‘App Store’ is one of the words introduced by Apple in the recent history of commercial software applications. The concept basically offers an online store where you can purchase various applications written for a specific platform. As an example, there are various App Stores setup for Mac software, iPhone/iPad software etc. These online stores do […]

Tools for Backing up a Ubuntu System

Backing up a computer system is necessary. You will never know when your hard drive decides to crash or a lightning decides to strike. Therefore, it is always a great idea to keep your data backed up for such emergencies. Nowadays, there are two ways of backing up a computer system; offline backup for later […]

5 Ubuntu Guides for Linux users (PDF downloadable documents)

Linux community thrives on sharing and information dissemination among its users. There is a lot of work done for documenting the installation, operating and integrating procedures of various distros of Linux. Ubuntu, no doubt, is one of the most promising ones among many. In this connection we provide 10 such downloadable guides for Ubuntu users. […]

How to Increase dpi in Ubuntu

dpi stands for dot per inch and it actually provides the size of the font in your system. If you are using a big screen and running Ubuntu on your computer, it becomes desirable that you increase the dpi of your resolution. Presently, I am working on a 22″ LCD screen and have increased the […]

How to Take Screen Shots in Ubuntu

Taking screen shots in Ubuntu is easy. Once you have opened the program windows or if you want to take screen shots of the desktop itself, the only thing you will have to do is press the “print screen” button on your keyboard.

5 Commands that work in Windows and Ubuntu 9.04

Till now, I have spent a lot of time compiling the differences between Windows and Ubuntu and have posted a number of articles related to that. The last 2 weeks, I have been exclusively using Ubuntu and therefore came across some commands that work similar in both Windows and Ubuntu 9.04. These commands are all […]

Managing Cloud Environments with Landscape in Ubuntu

Cloud environments management for multiple machines using Ubuntu is an additional task that organizations like to consider before they opt for this Linux distro. However, with Landscape, this task becomes very simple and easy to work on. You can start, stop, manage and monitor Ubuntu instances on the Amazon EC2 cloud environment from within Landscape. […]

5 Ways to Contribute to Xubuntu

Xubuntu is a community designed operating system and is developed keeping security in mind. The users get free security updates for at least 18 months and with the Long Term Support (LTS) version you get three years support through.

Landscape for Multiple Ubuntu Machines

What is Landscape Landscape is a system developed by Canonical Ltd. to manage and monitor multiple Ubuntu machines as easily as one through a simple Web-based interface. This system helps in lowering the per-system management and administration costs. Landscape being web-based allows the organization to deploy it without requiring to install any special hardware or […]

Ubuntu Server Edition on the Amazon EC2 cloud

Canonical Landscape 1.3 has been released recently. Landscape basically provides the growing number of businesses to manage and maintain their system with ease and effectiveness. It is known that Landscape can significantly reduce the cost of ownership and maximise the administration resources of any Ubuntu deployment for servers and multiple desktops.

Ubuntu Questions

While I am getting more and more used to Ubuntu, I am inclined more to write about it. Though the posts might not be technically interesting or solving a problem that Linux users might be facing, I just want to share my thoughts and feelings after using Ubuntu exclusively without any access to Windows, the […]

Ubuntu Experience: How it Feels

I am writing this article after testing Ubuntu on many systems and presently writing this post through it. My system based on Windows and double booted through Ubuntu is down and there’s some hardware problem in it and am reduced to work on a desktop working purely on Ubuntu 9.04 with Edubuntu derivative. Now what […]

A day with Ubuntu

Yesterday I had the luck of spending my whole of computer time with Ubuntu. This was a forced sitting but was worthwhile. I was looking to know how much could I depend on Ubuntu (Linux) so as to test its functionality and usability for me. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed […]

Ubuntu Poem by a Kid

This is a poem written by me from a perspective of a kid who is not able to buy a computer machine because of the budget. However, with the arrival of free OS like Ubuntu, the costs are lowered and it enjoyed the freedom to use the computers and learn it.

Future of Ubuntu

It was around a year when I first heard about this unique distro of Linux that was simple to use and free of cost. One of my friends, Lokesh Goyal, has asked for a free CD that Canonical Ltd. was distributing through ShipIt system. He is the second geek that I have come across in […]

5 Things that Don’t Work in Ubuntu

Differences in Windows and Ubuntu Though there are lots of differences and dissimilarities in Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu and we have discussed them in our earlier articles, here are five such more things that you won’t find working in Ubuntu but are used to do in Windows.

5 Ways to Get Involved with Ubuntu for Non-technical Users

If you are not a technical user of Linux but want to get involved with the sweeping wave of Linux/GNU operating system, Ubuntu offers you some great opportunities to do. There are lots of them but five primary involvements that you can have with Ubuntu as a non-technical user are given below: 1. Ubuntu Artwork […]

25 Ubuntu related sites that you can’t afford to miss

Sites related to Ubuntu Here is a list of sites that are related to Ubuntu and you can’t miss them if you work with Ubuntu and want to know more about it. These sites can be called indispensable if you want to know anything and everything about Ubuntu. 1. Ubuntu The official site of Ubuntu, […]

Farewell Ubuntu 7.10

Life cycle of Ubuntu 7.10 ended on April 18, 2009 Well, if you had been through the upgrades of Ubuntu for the last 1.5-2 years, you need to say good-bye to the earliest version of Ubuntu that you might have used for your computers.

A Kid’s review of Ubuntu

Well, I have been reading reviews of Ubuntu by experts and geeks who have given their comments on various features of Ubuntu and what it has to offer. Here is one sincere review of Ubuntu by a child, who has just started to learn computers and has just passed out of first grade.

5 Features of Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition

What to expect in Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition The new version of Ubuntu 9.04 is out and users are looking forward to use it. Here are some of the features that you can expect in Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition.