Future of Ubuntu

It was around a year when I first heard about this unique distro of Linux that was simple to use and free of cost. One of my friends, Lokesh Goyal, has asked for a free CD that Canonical Ltd. was distributing through ShipIt system. He is the second geek that I have come across in my town and I asked his reviews about this new operating system.

Ubuntu--the new age operating system
Ubuntu--the new age operating system

Once he convinced me that I should try it on my Dell Laptop where I was using Windows Vista, I agreed to give it a try. He showed me some derivatives of Ubuntu like Ubuntu Studio and Edubuntu and showed me some features that were attractive and more open for new learning.

I agreed to try and was convinced by its functionality and decided that I should also spread the word and spirit of Ubuntu to my friends. It is indeed a great pleasure to notice that my friend Lokesh Goyal has made around 100 people to use Ubuntu and see what Linux can offer them.

Now, many people have started using other distros of Linux like Fedora, openSUSE and they say that they hardly come back to booting Windows on their systems. The availability of new CDs from Canonical Ltd. and our enthusiasm to make people believe that Ubuntu was okay for all types of their needs made it possible that we spread the word with effective results.

I can see that Ubuntu has a great features and my friends are just loving it. They are also spreading it to their friends who work in different organizations and companies.

Living in a small town and having no one as technical as it needs to exploit the wonders of Linux, it is a great task to be one of those who hail Linux. My friends and I are quite happy that we are able to make some small contributions in popularity of Linux. Ubuntu has a great future in our town and it will grow further and further.

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  1. Erasmus Jose Fabello

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