A Kid’s review of Ubuntu

Well, I have been reading reviews of Ubuntu by experts and geeks who have given their comments on various features of Ubuntu and what it has to offer. Here is one sincere review of Ubuntu by a child, who has just started to learn computers and has just passed out of first grade.

My niece playing Gcompris in Edubuntu
My niece playing Gcompris in Edubuntu

She is my niece and I bought her a new desktop so that she could be introduced to the world of computers. Earlier, I used to teach him to open folders and how to press enter form the keyboard with the help of my own laptop using Windows Vista. But lately, I was introduced to Ubuntu by one of my friends and I started thinking seriously about getting my niece a separate computer so that she could learn it freely.

Enjoying the games in Edubuntu
Enjoying the games in Edubuntu

My intentions were to keep the budget low and I did not want to spend buying Windows so I introduced her to Ubuntu and downloaded the derivative Edubuntu so that she might learn something while playing games and other interactive features. She found it very creative and interesting and she spends around 1-2 hours daily playing those educational games and sometimes watching some videos. She has also learned how to start the computer and how to shut it down.

Browsing through files and folders in Edubuntu
Browsing through files and folders in Edubuntu

When I asked her why she liked Edubuntu over Windows that I was teaching her through my own laptop, she said: “I do not know what you are talking about? I do not understand what is the difference between Ubuntu and Windows but yes, I like the games and activities that are there in Ubuntu. Does not Windows have it? Well if not, it should.”

The Edubuntu Child
The Ubuntu Child 😛

It was a fair answer from a child who does not know what an operating system is. She just liked the features that are there in Ubuntu. After I explored some features of Edubuntu including Gcompris and Edubuntu suite, I realized that my decision to go for Ubuntu was not wrong. She will enjoy while she learn.

She said she liked the sounds that accompany when she plays games that are not there in Windows. Moreover, she liked the penguins pretty much, which is of course a common feature of Linux distros. 🙂

What more, I have given her an internet connection through a wi-fi card and she can now teach her father and mother who are not literate in computers. Apart from this, I give her some cartoons and pictures of her and her younger brother through networking. This all is going so well though I face problems dealing with different operating systems.



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