10 Reasons Why Linux Sucks

I am just tired of listening to people coming to me and saying: “have you tried Linux?”, “see how cool it is!”, “you won’t ask anything more!”. I was sort of fed up and tried my hands on collecting some things that are against Linux. Here is a list of 10 points that proves that Linux sucks.

  1. It sucks because it is free of cost. There can’t be any free lunch in today’s world. I know what these free things are up to.
  2. It sucks because there is no copyright infringement or any other limitation on the use. Anybody and everybody can contribute in its development. It is messy.
  3. It sucks because nobody can claim the ownership on it: People just contribute and develop. Who is the authority on it and who is liable? I don’t like software that are uncertain about who is handling them.
  4. It sucks because it has the spirit of spreading computers to one and all. What I would do if everybody knows computers and knows how to use it. It will ruin my business and my panache in my small towns where I am the celebrity and the-computer-guy.
  5. It sucks because there are many distributions in it. People just don’t stick with one distro: I like to choose one thing and then stay with it.
  6. It sucks because its release cycle is 6 months: I have to upgrade it time and again. I hate these upgrades making me feel that I will be termed a retard if I don’t upgrade.
  7. It sucks because people don’t know what is the exact pronunciation of it? Linix, Lynex, Linax, or what. I mean it does not have a name that can be uniform throughout the world. A name is a mark of functionality: People who claim that it works so well and does not have any working problems are under an illusion.
  8. It sucks because there are communities and groups who help you if you face problems. I don’t like talking to humans. I love the computer sounds that make you feel talking to aliens.
  9. It sucks because it does not have any problem and is simple to use: How can a system without problem exist? A problem-less system is not reliable; there must be something fishy about it.
  10. It sucks because everybody who uses it says: I like it! This is perhaps a borrowed sentence. Nobody is giving genuine review of it. How could be a system for fool-proof?

And the very best reason for it: open source. What does it mean? Is the source open and very wide from where these developers are taking new updates. Surely, one day they will term it as “empty source” or will have to “re-source”. I am just closing down my system after writing this post because I was working in Linux while writing this post. (!)

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  1. “9. It sucks because it does not have any problem and is simple to use”

    Yea,.. why do I receive a package error every time I try to install something ?

  2. Guess what? The webserver hosting this website is running on such software.

    2. It sucks because there is no copyright infringement or any other limitation on the use. Anybody and everybody can contribute in its development. It is messy.

    3. It sucks because nobody can claim the ownership on it—people just contribute and develop. Who is the authority on it and who is liable? I don’t like software that are uncertain about who is handling them.

  3. Well well vivek your readers are just bunch of fools , They dont even get the meaning here ,they just read the title and started screaming.
    LOL NOOBS .And welldone with the post its good 😉


    …you should read the article and use your head. Great post op – though I fear your readers may have missed the intent. All the best.

  5. What sucks ass so much about Linux is that it is a total bitch-and-a-half to install just about any application on it! I swear that with just about any application you try to install on it you encounter some dependency issue or another. And, if you do get the correct dependency downloaded, you oftentimes cannot install it due to you not having the correct and/or most up-to-date version of the type of Linux you might have(e.g. Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, et al.). In regards to Ubuntu, in particular, 6 months is waaaaayyyyy too often to be updating your operating system! Most people, including myself, do not want to be updating their operating system that often! Probably the only 2 things going for Linux are 1. it’s open source 2. it’s free. Now if we could only convince ol’ Billy Gates to make Windows open source & free, what a wonderful world it would be!!! ROFL

  6. Well, Linux sucks, but its better than Windows because is free!!
    You gotta admit, some of us would simply like a double click auto install program instead of ./configure ~scons ./whatever. i miss .exe files. Linux software is buggy too, there is no bug free software, but is free. Dont you even dare to be root# and tweek something you dont know, or you are gonna re install.. again. You may ask for help, but they will probably send you to “google it”, at least you talk to humans on IRC.
    Overall, linux sucks, but I cant go back to Windows, even tough they have best software, expensive one, i do not even want to talk about Apple.
    *sigh* I guess i have no choice but to learn Linux, and hope SOMEONE in their spare time, builds a nice stable video editor.

    1. Yes, I agree. Maybe the person who said that Linux sucks bought his operating system at an expensive price so he is jealous because Linux users got their operating system for absolutely free.

  7. My computer was broken for a while and I had to use a borrowed laptop with linux on it. It sucked, I couldn’t download anything because either: wasn’t made for linux, or just didn’t work. Like I couldn’t download skype or shockwave. WTF? And the little task bars apparently called “Gnome Panels” disappeared on me half way through. WTF?

  8. 2e degré quand tu nous tiens…

    It’s impressive how people don’t realize this is irony.
    It’s like saying: “Democracy is bad because everybody can be president.”
    He actually meant the opposite.
    Ah… All these people just jumping on their keyboards because they read “Linux sucks”.

    … Keep publishing!

    (I make love to Linux every night. Hum ;-))

  9. @OP Most of your readers are idiots. And great read btw, good use of sarcasm.

    @Les apt-get has a dependency switch… It will retrieve the dependencies for you. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but if I remember right it was -f .

  10. I laughed so hard when I saw this.

    1. “It’s free so it must suck.” Fail.

    2. “Anyone can contribute so it sucks.” Fail. This just makes Linux so much better.

    3. You seemed to be out of ideas, so you had to use number two again.

    4. srsly wtf.

    5. *ahem* “Linux sucks because people can choose a distro they like the most!”

    6. Yeah, you sure haven’t heard of updating. Of course Windows doesn’t have any kind of updates, amirite?

    7. I can’t spell your name right either, vivivan?

    8. So because you have f*cked up all your relationships and you hate humans, makes you hate if someone helps you with problems? Another fail.

    9. There are problems in Linux. You say it’s bad when there’s no problems. And when there is, you probably start another topic about the many problems of Linux.

    10. Pfft.

    Obviosly, the writer must be an 13-15 year old kid who hasn’t even tried Linux, a troll, or an 30-year old pirate. You fail at life, go suck Bill’s dick now.

  11. How about it sucks because all the programs suck! I haven’t seen 1 app that looks good or is user friendly. Not to mention graphics/audio/video editing software is the worst that I have seen on any platform. Oh and try cloning another computer with their crap software clonezilla. There is a reason why this shit is free. You get what you pay for IMO.

  12. scarred by lilnux


    technically you are the one failing at life.. read some of the other comments if you want to know what I mean..

  13. Linux sucks because although its free it still hasn’t been accepted by the majority of people in the world. The understand it must be a good thing, but on closer inspection they realise that actually it breaks easily, is a pig to install drivers, and other software on unless you stick to the rather limited (30’000 software packages!) official repo’s.
    Whats the point in that? If I want to download something then it is up to me to decide what and where I shall do so. Also, why is it that Linux can’t get its act together regarding P.R. You need to promote the thing properly, yet Linux people suck at this also.
    I’ve seen better P.R. for herpes!

  14. @ the author ofthis post.
    you, sir are a moron. your reasons that Linux sucks are totally untrue. how can an OS suck because it is free?? Linux is not the most widely used OS, but as you probably dont know, 90% of websites that you access are run by either Kubuntu or some other Linux server software.and also, the only people that are allowed to update it are professional programmers that really know what they are doing.

  15. Yeah linux is perfect. Thats why 96% of machines on the planet run something else.
    Dependency hell. Case sensitivity. CLI chewing through my time because the l33t thinks it makes them somehow more human like to play with the their prompt. 500 different distros. Half a dozen package methods. Hardware support that is tragic at best, because anyone who isn’t willing to scrap a working machine just to buy crap that works for that system is lame. Sounds like a mac to me.
    The big brands that run servers are in fact typically updated by professionals who are paid to develop it, and they tend to produce a pretty consistent product. As such the software running on this server, or mine, really isn’t linux by definition.
    And the zealotry, is the #1 reason linux sucks, will never be suitable for even a 15% market share and will remain the forte of sexually frustrated rich kids with too much time on their hands who don’t mind having to recompile python to make phrozen bubble run properly.
    Yes yes, linux is the superior case sensitive, fragile, not worth the learning curve of several dozen collections of an amorphous blob of code that does word processing really well. Just not as well or with as many options as mac or windows.
    If Linux were perfect and didn’t need to put it’s ear to the ground and listen to it’s opponents, those other operating systems wouldn’t exist.
    BTW, MS servers have been increasing in market share ever year for about 8 years now. Where does that put even pro developed linux in 10?

  16. I am trying Kubuntu on intel core 2 duo with Sound and Display on board 845 Chip mainboard. First of all I must say it looks quite similar with Win7 if you consider OS and program loading features. Thought the design is nice, its very difficult to install new programs and their native shortcut icons does not come on desktop. Neither the sound is there on my Kubuntu. If you are not a programmer like me, and still looking for Free OS then try ReactOS its based on windows but its open source. I tried to install but there is still some bug in Reactos installation script,I hope they will soon release another version. I wish if Kubuntu could match up with win 7 in ease of use else world is changing for linux and open source world with cloud computing. Even Google will push you hard to the wall with its Chrome OS (its Linux based though).

  17. @XMaverick

    I hope your post was meant to be sarcastic. Try using no third party anti-virus nor firewall for a month and run F-secure and spybot scans (or Norton if you prefer). You will probably find from 10 to 150 malware programs (depending from the way you use internet).
    And by the way, I have Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7 with Opera, and i think Linux version of Firefox is faster or at least as equally fast as Opera in Windows. Also, unlike Opera, it never crashes.

  18. Firefox is no-where near the fastest, Explorer, Opera, and even Chrome all outperform it.

    And the reason you’re getting virused isn’t down to your OS or browsers, it’s because you’re up all night downloading lesbian porn.

    As for DireFox never crashing; fuck off it doesn’t.

  19. Lol by reading the comments you get the idea on how many Linux fanboys there are: A LOT. Trolling kids that didn’t even read the article and start flaming… what a shame!

    This is how a sarcastic writer gets OWNED by his own mates. LOL.

  20. >It sucks because everybody who uses it says: “I like it!”

    Not true. I’m trying very hard to use it and to like it, but Linux keeps getting in the way. One distro will play songs fine, and it will play videos/movies — but with no sound. Another distro hangs if I try to sleep or hibernate. Fixing these issues was impossible, or at least, too hard even for a 25+ year computer veteran. I’m slowly learning to admit that Linux does suck because it’s too effing hard to get it to work properly. I never had these problems with any version of Windows. (Although I had many others for which it sucks too, and from which I had hoped Linux would save me.)

  21. Well each to their own but without sarcasm it dose suck (for new users of course), i get the purpose of the way linux is but if there was some standard thinks might be a bit better. Hell i’ve tried to install a new theme couldn’t do it why because my gnome 3.2.x could not run any gnome 3.1.x themes. it’s amazing how a slight version change can cause so much hassle, yes i know i can make my own but i have better things to do then play with that, fix this, make that part do this thing basically hack every time i want something done. Windows might be evil but at lease i’m paying for something i can get work done on….

    All i’m saying is if Linux OS developers pulled there finger out think outside the box and created standards then they could get more commoners such as myself into Linux obtain market dominance (or close to) and then have companies making software and hardware Linux friendly making life easy and more productive and fun for everyone.

  22. The sarcasm is not too obvious, and the readers are not morons. I didn’t get it at first. What absolutely convinced me that the post was sarcastic was the author’s name. Also, although I have nothing against Linux myself, number 10 can’t be true of any operating system.

  23. I installed kubuntu and it told me that my internet is not working and if i would like to get some help …online.
    How cool is that?!

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