Ubuntu Poem by a Kid

This is a poem written by me from a perspective of a kid who is not able to buy a computer machine because of the budget. However, with the arrival of free OS like Ubuntu, the costs are lowered and it enjoyed the freedom to use the computers and learn it.

I hope you will like the words and the feeling! 🙂

Initially, I failed to buy a system due to cost,
And I saw other kids learning computer during deep frost.
‘Why they make it so expensive?’
I asked myself with my mood pensive.

I missed their talks about games and fun;
How photo and music files can be run.
My family was trying their hardest best,
But I could not rest in computers like the rest.

A strange desperation took over me,
While running away from them, I wanted to flee.
“Why on earth I don’t own a computer;
Can’t somebody pay less and buy what is better?”

Then I heard a name called ‘Ububtu’.
Seems to be asking ‘how do you do?’
It lowered the cost of my machine;
I got my CPU and a big screen.

The free OS gave me freedom,
To learn computers and expel boredom.
Ubuntu seems and sounds cool,
Got all types of application tools.

I am liking and learning it,
For, it has been developed with a lot of grit.
I hail the spirit of Ubuntu
And ask you my friend:’how do you do!’

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