10 Ways to Contribut to GNU

If you ever wanted to be a part of GNU project and dreamt that you could somehow make some contribution to GNU project that has helped so many of open source community by collaborating with Linux, here are some ways to do so.

1. If you have technical abilities, GNU will require you help to write a specific tool to ease the license-checking job. It is written that good understanding of free software licensing knowledge of Perl will be helpful.

2. You can contribute by volunteering to extend the Free Software Directory, which could mean downloading free software packages, digging up information about these packages, and checking and verifying the licenses of the programs.

3. If you are a good organizer of groups on internet, you can also help by organizing a new GNU/Linux User Group alongwith the chance of organizing a new Free Software Activist Group. This is done to promote free software in your country, region or city.

4. If you can handle free software and develop them, GNU would be pleased to review some of them.

5. If you are a writer and can handle writing jobs, documentation for GNU software is also a good way to contribute.

6. You can also become a “Freedom Verifier” who checks whether a given distribution contains only free software.

7. If you know more languages and are good in English, you can help by translating the GNU Web site into other languages.

8. If you own a blog or a website, adding a link to GNU’s home page is also a good contribution.

9. Donating to FSF is also a good option. You can even donate hardware to this community.

10. Spreading the word about GNU and open source philosophy is a contribution that everybody needs to make. There is no special skill required for this. 🙂

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