10 Ways to Contribute to GNOME

GNOME is a powerful operating system and the world is beginning to recognize how open source software can really help the users to get connected to their systems and how they can expand their reach. If you want to contribute to GNOME, here are some ways to do so.

1. GNOME Accessibility Team

This team enables people with disabilities to participate in activities such as work and the use of services, products, and information. This is really a wonderful concept.

2. GNOME Bugsquad Team

If you can test programs and software, you can contribute by joining the GNOME Bugsquad, which is geared for the Quality Assurance (QA) of GNOME.

3. GnomeLove Project

If you want to develop something for GNOME, it is welcome contribution and you can join the development team.

4. GNOME Documentation Project

Document is crucial to any software and if you can write or manage content, this is the place where you can make a huge contribution.

5. GNOME Translation Project

Spreading the message of GNOME in different languages is really a unique contribution and if you can handle more languages than English, this is where you should be.

6. GNOME Usability Project

Usability, as clear from the name itself, is a group that works to make GNOME desktop more usable and appealing to the users. If you can help in creating designs and detailed mockups, this is the place for you.

7. GNOME Webhackers Team

If you are a web developer, there is nothing more exciting than this. The GNOME Webhackers Team works on rebuilding the various GNOME websites. You can contribute a lot.

8. GNOME System Administration Team

You can join the GNOME System Administration Team and contribute by managing servers and the services running on them.

9. GNOME Art Team

GNOME Art Team is a major concept that allows to make a more creative and appealing artwork for GNOME.

10. Friends of GNOME

Spreading the words about GNOME is really a great contribution. No special skills are necessary for this.

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