How Ubuntu helps in reducing costs for cloud computing

Cloud computing is the buzzword of today’s technical word. But companies are mooting the cost aspects of its implementation. Without doubt, the implementation of cloud system brings down costs and saves a lot of time, but building the infrastructure for the same might be the cause of concern for some of them.

Ubuntu, a champion of open-source technology offers some hope. With the usage of Ubuntu cloud system, the IT department can bring the changes without any need to make upfront investments in hardware or software. Some points to consider:

Ubuntu Cloud Computing

Zero Licence fees

There is no licence fee involved with Ubuntu Server, as it is free to use, reuse and redistribute. There is no licence restrictions also, which gives you the option of expanding your IT systems without the expense of acquiring additional licences.

Pay per use

Ubuntu cloud computing allow the users to avoid worry about hardware maintenance, depreciation and capital costs by opting for public cloud option. This has helped many companies to pay for the computing power they need without spending money on the setup costs.

Optimization of resources

Ubuntu cloud computing allows the users to build a low-cost, industry-leading cloud that helps make the most of existing hardware. This way, companies don’t have to change their hardware when they go through a period of change and growth. This can be realized on the basis of cutting down on the number of physical servers a company needs to purchase, house and maintain.


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