A day with Ubuntu

Yesterday I had the luck of spending my whole of computer time with Ubuntu. This was a forced sitting but was worthwhile. I was looking to know how much could I depend on Ubuntu (Linux) so as to test its functionality and usability for me. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed by any means. The only thing was that I missed my files that were there in the other computer, which I could not access.

Okay, what made me actually to all day with Ubuntu? My Dell Inspiron 1420 model was down as after running for 5 minutes, its screen is going off. Windows Vista run okay but what you could do if you are not able to see anything on your screen. It was a weekend and therefore, I could not make a call to the technical service department of Dell. In one of my previous articles, I have mentioned that I bought a budget bound desktop for my niece and run it purely on Ubuntu. With my system down, I had to resort to this system and ask her not to say no to me for using her computer (she never does though).

Now, there were some problems that I had to solve before I could feel comfortable with this system; not because it uses Linux (I am perfectly okay with it), but because the system was not customized for my use. Some things that I had to customize was:

1. Get my wi-fi working on this desktop so as to access internet.
2. Set up Pidgin for my messengers.
3. Download Skype and Opera browser.
4. Fill all the usernames and passwords for all my accounts, as the browser of Ubuntu did not have them saved.

I did all these things and was set to work for the day. Initially, I felt handicapped because I could not have the files and other necessary content from my laptop and use them. I was looking to upload some pictures also and write some blog posts but could not make it because all the necessary material was in my laptop. But most importantly, I had to stay in touch with my clients, friends and new prospectives, which I could beautifully with Ubuntu.

I was able to browser my mails, use Twitter, manage my WordPress blog and what more, I could play some songs and videos also. Overall, it was fun and a new experience to sit with Ubuntu and not with Windows. I hope there will be more days in the future when I will work with Ubuntu and have all my needed files ready for it and work with it without any constraint or limitation.

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  1. There is a service called Xmarks that synchronizes firefox bookmarks between several computers. I used to have the same problem when I switched between my desktop, laptop and my work computer. If you have to work with more than one computer during the day or the week I think you will find Xmarks usefull.

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