Landscape for Multiple Ubuntu Machines

What is Landscape

Landscape is a system developed by Canonical Ltd. to manage and monitor multiple Ubuntu machines as easily as one through a simple Web-based interface. This system helps in lowering the per-system management and administration costs. Landscape being web-based allows the organization to deploy it without requiring to install any special hardware or employing people with special skills.

Image Countsey Canonical Ltd.

How Landscape Works

As it is already been said, Landscape allows the users to manage multiple computers through a single web-based interface from where tasks can be performed quite easily. The basic use of Landscape comes when organizations are looking for updates and packages across multiple machines. This can be done on stand-alone as well as on virtual machines. Apart from this, Landscape also deploys monitoring, user control, process management, inventory control and support enhancement tools. This is where organization feel the benefits of Landscape quite clearly, as the producitivity of organizations increases quite quickly.

On functional grounds, every system connects to the Internet and exchanges information about packages and system operational parameters with the central Landscape servers. Ubuntu respository then delivers Ubuntu packages that are downloaded across the array of connected computers.

Configuration information, histories, updates and enforce standardisation are the areas where Landscape helps the organizations and allows them to simplify and quicken the process of diagnosing, auditing and ensuring compliance.

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