Ubuntu Server Edition on the Amazon EC2 cloud

Canonical Landscape 1.3 has been released recently. Landscape basically provides the growing number of businesses to manage and maintain their system with ease and effectiveness. It is known that Landscape can significantly reduce the cost of ownership and maximise the administration resources of any Ubuntu deployment for servers and multiple desktops.

Ken Drachnik, Landscape business manager at Canonical, said: “Landscape simplifies system management tasks for users who run Ubuntu on physical or virtual servers in-house or some or all of their Ubuntu servers on the Amazon EC2 cloud. It enables users to manage all instances from the same application. Being able to manage servers on the cloud as easily as those deployed internally is a huge boost for those deploying Ubuntu servers at scale.” It is clear that this could mark a significant increase in functionalities and features of Landscape.


Landscape provides a hosted web interface to the users and on this web interface, all the machines are registered. From this single web interface, packages and security updates can be processed for the entire network of servers and/or desktops with a single click. It is sort of continuous development process that is making Landscape that popular with businesses who are deploying Ubuntu in their systems.

What’s new in Landscape 1.3

1. Amazon EC2 being the most popular cloud environment in the world, Landscape 1.3 helps to start, stop and manage their Ubuntu instances on Amazon EC2.

2. Users can enter their EC2 credentials directly through Landscape to start a service, as Canonical has pre-configured it with a Landscape client.

3. With this new release of Landscape 1.3, all virtual machines can then be managed and monitored in the same way as physical ones.

4. In Landscape 1.3, users can create and store trends of key system parameters.

The new release will bring some positive changes and businesses looking to deploy Ubuntu in their systems will be surely encouraged to go ahead with their plans and implement it. With more and more organizations turning to Linux, Canonical will surely keep developing the Landscape project for betterments.

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