5 Ubuntu Guides for Linux users (PDF downloadable documents)

Linux community thrives on sharing and information dissemination among its users. There is a lot of work done for documenting the installation, operating and integrating procedures of various distros of Linux. Ubuntu, no doubt, is one of the most promising ones among many.

In this connection we provide 10 such downloadable guides for Ubuntu users.

A powerful guide providing information and knowledge about Ubuntu Server Edition. The document has 102 pages that users can browse through. Right from installation, configuring and operating, the guide provide a comprehensive information.

The guide provides information on how to secure the server for both Debian and Ubuntu. A comprehensive document containing 87 pages provides illustrations as well.

This guide contains specific information about the 10.04 version of Ubuntu desktop edition. In 31 pages, the document provides information regarding various features and comparison with other Linux distros.

A complete guide to know the desktop edition of Ubuntu. 77 pages document provides information and procedural guidance about installation and configuring issues.

A 22 pages starter’s guide for Linux and Ubuntu users. It provides very basic information about how to use Linux and Ubuntu in specific, supported with images and illustrations.

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