5 entrepreneur resources for starting a business (PDF guides)

Starting a business is never easy, but it is never impossible either. Generating business ideas, assessing the potential of business ideas, and then finally executing the process of starting a business often require training, guidance, mentoring and self-learning. Lots of material is available online if the entrepreneurs want to search for some valuable guidance in the form of PDF guides.

We present seven such PDF guides that are helpful in starting a home based business, small business or an online business. These are very useful for small scale entrepreneurs.

This is a comprehensive guide consisting 40 pages with lot of guidance and resources provided within the document. Entrepreneurs looking for a library of online resources will find this guide pretty handy.

This is a practical guide consisting 32 pages providing lot of insight with research-based facts. Entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from it.

A comprehensive guide consisting 48 pages. The guide offers internet resources for specific geographical location, home based business stories, and a lot of guidance about doing business overseas. Entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from this document.

A precise guide consisting 12 pages with check-lists and specific topics related to small business.

A precise guide consisting 24 pages providing a lot of information about financial and other topics related to small scale business. The guide provides checklists and pointers to educate the entrepreneurs.

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